Sunday, December 26, 2010

December & Blast from the past

So Here goes December, Lot's to talk about:

Had a work Christmas party, it was cool nothing to wild was going on this year. Dam My blog must have cursed me and warned my co-workers to watch their step because I would be watching....lol.

We had a Lesbian Secret Santa Gift Exchange & Dinner with all my Lesbian Friends (hence the lesbian's...lmao), it was ton's of fun. T&R (The little couple that the fire never burns out on....literally they need a room sometimes. Still love ya gals) got me & My Hb. They are so sweet they bought us a great gift set of different types of glasses (Wine, liquor, beer, shot glasses). However there is a funny story to go along with it, (well if you read all my blogs, you will know that its the same one we got 3 of during our house warming party) LOL but hey it was super sweet of them. Thank you ladies your the bomb.com.

My Bff, turned 5 months pregnant and its a boy YAYYYYYY. Then my Sister from another mother turned 7 months pregnant and its a girl Yaaayyyy, she's gonna be a princess like her mama. We celebrated my oldest friends around birthday, I've literally known these girls since kindergarten. So for the Twin's Bday, we took them for massages, & lunch at Yamato's. Lots of fun, love all my girls, you're all my other halves, quarters..eighths.

Ok so now for the real blast from my past: So I have a pretty close circle of lesbian friends, remember when I said our sea is really like a fish bowl, well how true that statement is. A good friend of mine works with my first girl love .... crush... kinda sorta of my first GF ...lol (for purposes of the blog we are just going to refer to her as my x-gf.......ok everyone .....lmao).

So I guess they were on my friends FB page & they were looking at pics from the LESBIAN secret Santa dinner...lol (hence the fish bowl again) Any who back to my topic, they came across a picture of me & my HB. Then my X-gf said hey you know Vixen, and my friend said yeah.....and thought to herself omg who else knows Vixen. I know alot of people what can I say......roflmao. So my friend told me they worked together, & I said tell her I said hi & to give her my number.

So of course like any natural person would do when they get a blast from the past. They would reminisce about the past. All these things came to mind, like hiding from my parents, a black mustang, overalls, roses....and of course ton's of other things. So I will elaborate a bit on some of the topics. The x-gf is my total type, Femme with beautiful long dark hair, gorgeous smile, and enticing eyes. We dated for awhile in High School, but she was my first of many things, as I have said in the past one of the things was allowing me to understand it was ok to want to be with a girl.

When we were dating, it was so amazing to me because it was all so experimental, she taught me lots of things. We used to wear overalls for easier access.....LMAO. She drove a sexy black mustang, and we would make out for hours, and mess around in her car. Pretty much all of my first's with a girl...(obviously) were with her. One time we were inside my house & I think my little brother might have caught us, & then she was forever embarrassed & hiding from my parents. I came out to my parents because I was so crazy about her. I would bring her roses to her house, & I'm pretty sure she was in the closet because I think she would freak out that I was a girl bringing her a rose. Idk that was just my take on it.

We would just be wild & crazy together, she actually was the one who got me into shaving all of my lower lady area's (TMI...I know).......roflamo but its the truth. She said you got to be bald or naked down there its sexier,(something like that) and I was so into her, I did it. (You should see my blushing red cheeks right now) I wonder if she will ever read this. :)

We had a wild ride for a few months, & then it started to end, but I've never forgotten her, and never will! So to all my past & current lover's you have her to thank for converting me over. She sealed the deal for the Lesbian in me, she took me from just messing around to actually really wanting to be with a girl.

Hope you liked this inspirational dose of Vixx. Like I said had a good inspiration for this blog, I had a busy December. Merry Xmas everyone and Happy New Years. I have another Blog coming up, about House sitting for my Boss, at the Beach! It's gonna be awesome. xoxox Vixx

P.S. I got a Louis Vuitton Bag from the HB for Xmas, so effin excited about it! Thanks HB your the bomb.com

Friday, December 24, 2010

Catching Up

Wow I've been gone for a minute. Sorry my fellow 8 followers....lol. I have not written a blog since July, well end of July. So Let's start by catching up.

My birthday was tons of fun, I went out partied had lots of fun with tons of friends (July)

Celebrated Heather's Birthday, she would have been 27 this year. Always a hard time for me. (August)

Sept......hmmmm, don't really remember it, must of been kind of lame. (September)

Oct.4Th marked 8 years my best friend has been gone, as I've said in the past we lost her to Cancer. It was a hard beginning of the month, the girls & I met at the cemetery as we do every year, to hang out & let her know she will never be forgotten. I Love you with all my heart Heather!

Halloween, at work I was a Pussy Cat. Every year my co-workers & I come up with a theme for costumes at work. This year it was Animals, so being the typical lesbian I am, I had to be a pussy cat not a kitty cat. Then at night I was a Sexy Vampire, and when I say sexy I went all out. I wore a Corset, a tiny little skirt that was made of black tool, & lace, with little booty short underwear underneath. I had thigh high fish-net stalkings on, with some over the knee high boots. Chooooowww I felt super sexy, the Vixen was definitely out. We went to a friends party that my awesome roomie was dj-ing at.

Thanksgiving, went to visit the fam bam in Arizona, very relaxing. My dad was so sweet he took my car for an oil change, it was very much needed. :)

Which now brings us to December: See my next blog Blast from the Past to go over December.

Hope you enjoy the very quick dose of Vixxx, the next one shall be very interesting.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st Event of Vixmas

So I am turning 27 on July 29Th, most people are asking me if I'm crying the blues because I'm one year closer to 30. But HELL-TO-THE-NO, I say, because I'm not scared to grow old (not that 30 is old). I'm embracing every moment, & every second that I'm here. I don't want to wait for life to pass me by, because im worried about getting older. I want to live in today, and love being in the moment. Time is a crazy thing, I've said this time & time again. It can be the best cure or your worst enemy, but in the end time heals all!

I am one of those people who celebrates their birthday like all month long. Its a running joke with my peeps, we call it VIXMAS! (LMAO @ Skee for naming it). With this said, I start a countdown every year starting on July 1st. I talk about my bday to everyone, its my favorite Holiday, so why shouldn't I.

So every year I invite everyone to join me at multiple places to ring in my birthday. I usually plan a dinner with my closest friends, & then I have a special day with my girls, usually we do a lunch and spend the day at the cemetery. Then I generally do a big finale by getting a private table at a club.

This year my HB planned a surprise dinner for me. I felt to special, although everyone thought I wasn't surprised I was. It just happened to be at a place where I didn't have the fondest memories of. We actually sat at the same table my bad memories were from. But there is nothing like making new memories. So I walked into Yamashiro's in this tiny little dress, and a bunch of make up on, thinking it was a dinner just for me & HB. Turns out, all my friends were there, well almost all of them. I felt so embarrassed, I looked like a lil hooker.....I kept saying to everyone.

I had told everyone that I am buying a mac for myself for my birthday. So since their so dam effin expensive, I told everyone if they wanted to give me anything to give me a gift card to the apple store, Even if it was a dollar (hey were in a recession, I ain't mad at ya). Believe it or not, everyone listened to me, I got mainly all gift cards to the APPLE Store.

Dinner was fun laughing with all my peeps, My roomie was like an hour late, to a surprise dinner....LMAO(WAY 2 GO LES, your lucky I LUV CHU!) Oh & the greatest part we had no issues with the Bill. Everyone paid their amount & a lil more. I hate when you go out with a big party, and people always short the bill. They think if they buy something that's 11.99, they only owe 11.99, they don't pay for their tax or tip, or even worse the drink they ordered too. LMAO, OK enough bitching!

We left from Yamashiro's & went to Fiesta Cantina, to catch the last 30 mins of Happy Hour. Good Times, we all got drinks & had a fun filled night. We shall see what else it going down for the rest of Vixmas, stay posted! Hope you enjoyed today's dose of Vixx!

Friday, July 16, 2010

How to stay cool while having sex in this hot as weather.

Wozzers its like hot-lanta in Cali these past few days. Seriously like record breaking temperatures. So my friend and I were joking around how sex totally sucks when its hot & humid. Well don't get me wrong, everyone likes that slippery hot sex ;)
But you gotta have room to breath, my a/c broke the other day, so I guess this kind of brought this upon us.

So we decided to come up with a top 10 list of how to stay cool during sex.

These are in no specific order .....FYI

Sex with...

1. Ice cubes, Ice cream, or Whip Cream melting on you. - Sticky but yummy
2. In the Shower - Can be overrated if done wrong
3. In the Pool - Can be changeling, but who's not up for a challenge
4. On the Balcony...outside at night - That's got to be cooler than inside
5. With the A/C or the Fan Blowing - But don't get too dried up, must have lube..lol
6. On the Kitchen counter with Popsicles - use your imagination
7. Ice packs under the thighs during oral sex..... OMG...LMFAO
8. Bathroom floor, or really any tile floor. - Its always cooler
9. At a Grocery Store in the Cooler - Got to be an exhibitionist for this one
10. On top of a cold wet towel - Not so sure about this one

This one is a bonus for all my toy lovers.... Put your dildo/vibrator in the Freezer.

Ok so there you have it. People this was all done with lots of laughs, hope you enjoy, & hell I hope you try a few, I plan too :) Until the next dose of Vixx, stay cool. xoxox

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Best Sex you ever had???

Well as always I have been running a muck, doing way too much & not taking any me time. So I have come to my blog to write about one of my favorite topics. SEX!!!
So I decided to do some research among my friends, & colleagues asking them 3 very basic questions about sex. These are the 3 questions that will go on through out my blog. Now I'm not talking about your oh, I had a great orgasm sex. I'm talking about the most incredible sex you have ever had. The break your bed frame type, the made your neighbors knock on your walls type, the made you speak a different language type. Or my personal favorite, be stuck in amazement and make you say its like that huh? For those of you who have not had this great of sex yet, damn you need to step your game up for real. I feel sorry for ya!

Question One: Who was the best sex you ever had with? (The makes you compare & contrast question).

Question Two: Where was the best sex you ever had at? (The memory question).

Question Three: When was it, & was it with your current partner/Spouse? (This one always gets people squirmy or nervous.....lmao)

Ok, so now as your reading this blog, answer these questions in your head, and think about this bonus question. Was the answer to all 3 questions with the same person? You would be surprised how many people say no they are not all the same people.... LMAO. So of course I will elaborate on some of my own amazing sexual experiences, because other wise it wouldn't be fair.

Now its no secret I have not always been a lesbian, but I can honestly say the best sex I have ever had is most definitely with a woman. Now I'm sure every guy that reads my blog is probably saying, oh well that's cuz your dude didn't hit it right. Bull shit, its just plain and simple. I am more sexually satisfied by being with a woman. Sorry boys don't hate, no offense at all.

I have been very lucky in my sexual experiences to basically keep upgrading. My first was fun, very experimental. Trying new things & doing things that my friends said they wouldn't do. (Hence the Vixen in me was born) So continuing on with the experimental stages, I tried women. They are fabulous, its almost like I had an epiphany, I was sayin ahhhhhhhhhhh! Having new firsts all over again. It was always great to have my partner know how every inch of my body worked.

I later on got into a long relationship with the person I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I also thought that the sex would get boring eventually. But to my sup rise I was very very satisfied with our sex life. She was by far the best I had ever had.... at that point in my life. Then we broke up, & I assumed I would not meet another match in the bedroom, for more reasons then one. But one very important one, was because whom ever was next would not be the person I was in love with. Love is not sex, & its very hard to compare making love with having sex in my eyes.

But wow has the grass got greener since then. (Koolaid smile across my face) Feeling oh so vixen-ish right about now. The next sexual partner that I had, was....is amazing. Have you even been thrown off your game a bit, you know when you don't think the person is gonna put it down in the bedroom, but then out of no where comes that Super Freak. Well this was one of those events, had me stuck on stupid. So of course when the sex is fan-tab-u-lous you become addicted and your always chasing the better orgasm. This is the best sex you will ever have, the one where both partners, only want to please the other one more than you just got pleased. Its like a competition in the bedroom. Lets just say I refuse to lose!

Now I love when you meet someone and they seem to be so timid & shy, & then.... well lets say the best way to describe it is a lady in the streets & a freak in the sheets. But even better then that is someone who is open to try different things & be experimental. Bottom line if you do it one way...one position for the rest of your life, where's the excitement in that. Different positions, different partners, or multiple partners, different toys/whips/lubes/creams, phone sex/role playing, spanking/hair pulling only add to new revelations in the bedroom. Some great, some .....not so great, but have fun you only live once. Be kinky/nasty if you want to be, It will only brighten your sexual experiences.

I love that when I talk about different sexual experiences people our curious about it & then it almost makes them want to try it out. For example, I crack up when all my straight friends or co-workers don't really understand Lesbian Sex. For those of you who don't know about it, its not just scissor-ing roflmao.(South-park explanation of lesbo sex). Its better than just oral, its better just getting pounded, its so much more intense. Well at least my experiences are.

I guess the rest will be left to the imagination. But I will leave you with this, Guys/girls imagine your best lap-dance....then imagine having an orgasm from it! For the grown & sexy only. If you know what I'm talking about then keep it one hundred.

Hope you like my very sexual experimental dose of Vixx, sorry its been so long. I will try to start blogging again more often. Work has been crazy! Thanks for reading & your comments xoxo Vixxx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DINAH Baby (Lesbian-Palooza)

A few blogs back I said I was gonna do the wild vacation to the Lesbian Paradise aka Dinah Shore in Palm Springs. Well I was but dam my friends & I couldn't get our shit together, so we never ended up getting our hotel or buying tickets at all. WTF, slackers I know!

But at the Last second, last day of the weekend we decided to go. Yep on Sunday at the very last minute we headed out. YAAAAYYYYY! So we jumped in my roomies car, ended up just being 3 of us in her car. We also had other friends in another car. So our adventure begins at about 12:30ish. We get to like Rancho Cucamonga at about 3pm & decide we need to eat, & start drinking already. So we stopped ate subway, (Yummy) then headed over to Vons to buy some liquor. Normally I'm more of a beer girl, but since it was already late in the game & late to our wild weekend, we had to suck it up & go with Captain & Coke. 3 of us finished the entire bottle (The big bottle) by the time we got there.

Now that we are there & feeling good ;) we parked & headed off to the Club Skirts Pool party. Wow there was some hot chicks, I was super impressed that it wasn't all ugly people (BonnnnuuuussS)! So for all my peeps that have never been to the lesbian-palooza lol, there is about 1000+ Women walking around in there sexy bathing suits, most of them are drunk & having a blast. I went with two Dinah virgin's (lmao) "I guess since its my second time, I fall under the Dinah Hoe category".

Anyways back to what I was saying, we arrive at the pool party, some how swoop in & get in for free (Yeeeaaahhhhhh)! Go straight to the bar, switch hit back over to bud-lights and start mingling around, taking pics with our Black Berry's (Yes cuz none of us retards brought a camera) lol. Oh but then again, "what happens at dinah, stays at dinah" :O Roflmao! (Well that's what they say, just so you know) Any who, taking pics with our friends that we ran into through out the party, & of course taking pics of all the half naked women, duh who wouldn't! Now this is not always a bonus, I have seen some not so sexy women walking around with just pasties, & that ain't cute girl. If I think I'm too big to be doing it & your twice my size it just ain't gonna work girlfriend. "Nah wait scratch that it's Dinah, be free let it all hang out, more power to you if you have the tata's to let it all out" I sure as hell don't!

Well again we got there late, like at 4pm, & the pool party was over like at 6 I think, By this time with a few bud lights down, & the third of the captain bottle, I'm feeling FAB-U-LO-SO! We decide, F-it lets stay for the closing party at Zelda's night club. Well first we need to sober up a bit, so we went to Shakeys got some food, then left to look for water at a liquor store. Oh I forgot to mention, that I went in the following attire. White Short (mini..ahahah)... Shorts, My bathing suit top, a thin tiny tank top, & flip flops. (It was a pool party) Well thank goodness for USC, I had my hoodie, just in case it got to cold.

So around 8 or 9pm we get to the club, (at this point were a little burnt out) but screw it we didn't drive 2 hours for Nada! We go inside to the Bar Baby, where else? I'm still having a blast (note: I'm still drunk...lol), dancing my lil flip flop, USC hoodie wearing ass off! Fell down the stairs at one point, that shit was funny! (most of this part is blurry for me) but we stayed till closing & my roomie sobered up to drive home. We got home at like 4 or 5 am on Monday morning. (I so did not go to work that day). My poor roomie, had to drive most of the way listening to me snoring away. LOL sorry hun!

All in all GOOD Effin Times, Nobody can do Dinah like we did in a one day turn-around trip of a total of like 15 hours! I hope you enjoyed my Dinah Dose of Vixxx, next blog will be about THE BEST SEX YOU EVER HAD????

Monday, March 29, 2010

March Madness Part 2

Saint Patrick's Day is the day before my best friends birthday, so we decided to go out to a couple of local bars to celebrate. Mainly because we wanted to be out & about at midnight to sing Happy birthday! We got all dressed up in our green clothes & went to our first pub, had to pay to get in, no biggie, the problem was, this bar could barely fit about 100, maybe 125 people in it. We had no ideal there was already like 150 in there. OH HELL to the NO, we couldn't even make it to the bar, because there was so many people in the dam place. NO BUENO!

So on to the next spot, long story short every single place was like that, we ended up going back to my friends house, drinking beers, & having a blast. My birthday bestie was wasted way to early! Best part of the night, we started playing our own game show version of buzz in. We would be asked random questions about movies, or songs, or about our own history and then you had to say DING (to buzz in), lmao and if you were first you could answer. So now its official when ever were together what ever the topic is, we say put your Dinger hand up (LOL). I love those girls so much, & their hubbies are tons of fun as well.

The next day (Funny story coming) I ended up being way to hung over couldn't make it to work. Some how I got convinced to go to a Dog beach (FYI, I am not an animal lover), what can I say she pulled the best friend card on me. "That's my job dam it" Any who we drove to Leo Carrillo with my best friends too big ass horse dogs, (well to be honest there labs, but I swear their big enough to ride like horses). Well we get these 2 crazies onto their leashes & she gives me the more relaxed dog. We take them down onto the beach, start to walk on the sand, & I'm texting on my blackberry, the dog was annoyed I guess. He starts to jump on me, so I decide to put my phone away. At this very moment another dog & their owner comes down the hill onto the beach, & the dog jumps out at them. This effin dog pulls me from standing position to a straight belly flop onto the sand. WTF, then keeps pulling me across the sand, basically people I ate sand. To top it all off, my best friend was loving every second. I was hung over getting pulled by a dog through the dam sand, So not the day for me.

Next onto Club Caution, had a great time once again in a new location with all my Caution peeps. Sunday BBQ at the homie's house was interesting to say the least. We played flip a cup, and I sucked at the beginning but got good at the end. OH YEAH BABY! Back to work in the promoting scene again, went out Friday night to check out a new spot for our follow up Club Karma event on April 11Th. Well lets see, it was a cool place, but I couldn't help but notice there was so many weird things going on there. For starters the place turns into an after hours spot, so you know that means everyone comes on some shit lol. Got to watch my best friend party like it was 1999....still lmao on that one, But it was a pretty cool location all in all.

Did some shelf shopping on Saturday (sounds weird I know) but its for a ridiculous DVD collection that was in my room. Then met up with my besties for dinner & drinks, which then turned into more drinks at another restaurant, then more drinks at a bar, and then to one of their houses and then home, to en emotional roller coaster. (Wow I must sound like an alcoholic) Missed out on Game night because I got to drunk with the besties.

My love life is still just as crazy as ever, every time I make decisions to be happy for me, I end up hurting someone, If not hurting myself in the process. Defining the balance of your happiness with someone Else's is really hard at times. What's sad is its not suppose to be. We all know relationships are work, they are not effortless, but they should not be so hard either. I wish that I could be the perfect person that everyone wants me to be, but I have my flaws too,(or what ever you want to call them) I'm sorry for that but I am only human, no one is perfect. I had to make some grown up decisions yesterday, I hope they will only bring a more happy future with a lot less drama in my love life.

"All I can do is hope for this, because in love & life there are no guarantee's"

That's gonna top off all of the March Madness for this dose of Vixxx. I hope you enjoyed the stories & know there are always more to come in the next dose of Vixxx! Oh & I'm sure I will be talking about Dinah in the next one!

Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness

What a way to start off the month CLUB KARMA was a huge success, yay so excited because we worked our asses off for it. We had tons of fun, I worked the door most of the night with the help of my babe even on her B-day, what a champ! We had like 6 different dj's through out the night. In the main room we had Lady Kate start the night off, & she is adorable. Such a sweetheart & great to work with. Then we had my infamous roomie Dj Les tearing it up on the turntables, and she was MC'ing the whole night. (I See U LES) hahaha. Then we finished with the ultra sexy Dj Lezlee, the hottest shorty in town. I luv U babe, thanks a million! Then We had Dj Karl & a bunch of his friends spinning in the private VIP room! It was awesome to see all our friends come out & support, but it was really cool to see so many new faces. Can't wait for next month! April 11th, its going down baby!

But ooooohhhhh let me tell you, I have never been so happy to stay in for a few nights in my life, lol! But that was only for this past week. Now back out to bigger & better things. So I started this new part time admin job for some extra cash, because why not right? Well it has been quite a challenge for me to add this to my plate of the million things I already balance. But I always love a challenge, and always into pushing myself to the limits!

So I am usually late all the time, & payback is a Biatch..... let me elaborate. I usually don't get to clubs before 11pm. I stay late as hell at work all the time, so I try not to be there before 9am mainly because its a miracle if I leave before 8pm. Yes I'm a workaholic people. Any who the point to this story is, I planned a birthday dinner and I planned it at 6:30, because I know everyone is casually late. So I figured we would actually start at 7pm.

So the restaurant wouldn't take reservations so I had to be there half an hour early just to make sure we got our table for 15 people. Well believe it or not, I was there at 6:30 to reserve the table. Well long story short everyone was effin late, they all got there at like 8pm, like I said payback is a Biatch. I was all dressed up with bags of presents, sitting in a packed ass lobby by myself, what a loser right? Anywho, once the guest of honor arrived & then shortly after all of the other guests it turned out to be a great dinner with friends. We laughed our asses off for sure. Thanks to the hysterical Slax!

So the one thing I hate, is when you try so hard to get the perfect gift for someone, and that someone doesn't like it or appreciate it. Or even worse returns it, WTF, that's why I generally do gift cards, because I hate it when people give me some random ass gift, and then im like what am I going to do with this. REGIFT!!!! j/k, Well here I am again, I took the time to get the perfect gifts, and guess what happened, she returned all but one. Horrible right, I was pretty pist but I got over it. Oh well shit happens.

This is just the first half of my March Madness Dose, I got so much more to tell, it was my Bff's bday, Saint Patrick's Day, Club Caution, Love Life Experiences, I will write really soon part 2 of my March Madness, but for now here's the latest dose of Vixxx

Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Week Left till Club Karma

Wow, so in my last blog I announced that I had ventured into the club hosting business and that I would probably be super exhausted from all the promoting I would be doing. Sure enough I was right, I already work like 10-12 hours daily Monday through Friday. Now I have added promoting Thursday through Sunday to my plate. Being a promoter is not all fun & games that's for sure. I envy the people who have a real job like myself & still do the promotions thing, But Networking is key baby!

So its officially one week from our event & we have hit up countless clubs & passed out a good 1500 flyer's still got about 1500 more to pass out. I'm excited to see how it turns out. Thanks again to all of our friends & supporters your peeps are amazing. On a whole other side note, I'm super excited to wear my sexy new dress I bought for the event. I got some banging ass stiletto heals to strut. WOOOhoooo gonna be looking like a lil Vixen for sure!!!

Update on ME: My Love life has actually gotten a little better, they say good things come to those who wait, well I've been waiting & finally I'm starting to get some rewards out of it. Koolaid smiles all across my face. I'm even more excited to know that some time this week I'm gonna get some more of my tattoo on my shoulder worked on. This has been a long time coming. Picked up a new networking job on Tuesday's which seems to be a great move for me. What else?

Well that's all I can think of for now, I will get back again soon with more. Hope you enjoyed my latest dose of Vixxx. Thanks for reading.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Club Karma

It's official, I am adding yet another thing to the list of the many things I do. Well my roomie & I have recently ventured into hosting our very own Gay & Lesbian Club in the Valley. So I thought it would be great to blog about how very excited I am.

We found an amazing, super sexy location, which is in the heart of Studio City. We have a bunch of A-list dj's lined up for our opening night. Got mad sponsorships from a radio station, to all different promoters in the scene. Thank you to everyone for supporting the event. My roomie is just as hard working as I am, so thanks to her for all her love & support in our new adventure. Taking the scene by storm baby!

We are starting off small, but hope to grow within time. Our first event is Sunday March 7th, and then we are gonna be on a regular every first sunday of the month schedule. Yikes I know, I'm gonna have to take mondays off...LOL. We are gonna be hitting up all the regular spots over the next month and a half promoting, so I'm probably gonna be pretty tired. But i'm excited to see how it all turns out.

Stay posted for my future blogs on Club Karma. Thanks for listening to my very brief NEWS FLASH version dose of Vixxx.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend

Let me start off by saying ladies & gentleman, I was not that interested in the super bowl. I could have cared less who one the game. LMAO I was thinking more about it being Kim Kardashian's BF vs Kendra Basket's Hubby. "ROFLMAO" The only bet I made was on what color the Gatorade was, you know when who ever wins, they pour it all over the coach. Well I lost, I got stuck with Blue, & it was freaking Orange WTF. However I did go to a fabulous super bowl party hosted by one of my newer friends Priscilla.

So Priscilla's super bowl party was at her house, she had lots of drinks, food, she was a great host. I went with my roomie & one of her bestie's. I'm not gonna lie, we were late as always... got there around half time, but we came with beer so its all good. We walked in & at first we wanted eat & have a drink before mingling. We had about 2 beers before we made our way to the living room to watch the last quarter of the game. It was really cool, because it was not our regular crowd of friends, new faces always make an interesting night. After the game, we were still drinking & they said lets play flip a cup, I think I might have been about 5 beers in at this time.

First of all I suck at flip a cup, I'm just gonna put that out there, but I got better with time. Let me explain the game for those of you who have never played. You get a bunch of your friend into 2 relay lines (For teams of course), you use the traditional plastic red cups (you know what I mean) and you fill them each about a quarter of the way up with beer (Kind of like shots of beer, but a little bit more). The first person on each team drinks the entire cup, then has to set their cup down on a table & proceed to flip it with their finger until the cup lands upside down. Now the catch is the next person can't go until you get yours in its right position. (So if you suck, you don't want to be the first or the last leg in the relay).

Like I said I was already 5 beers in & we played who knows how many rounds, it was lots of fun, I made lots of new friends (can't remember any of their names) and I was really drunk by the end of the night needless to say. I was holding some girls hand that I didn't even know (So I'm told) but I think she might have been trying to hold me from falling down the stairs....lmao. Any who I ended up leaving with someone else, we got a flat tire on the freeway, and that's not good when your drunk. Thanks goodness she wasn't, but it was freezing thank goodness for the alcohol or I would have frost bite. Got to my friends house around 2am on Monday morning, slept a few hours then home to my house. I had to go to work by 9am, and it was a horrible hung over day.

Don't drink on Sunday's if you got to be at work on Monday's. So with all this said about my great night. My roomie and I have made a pact to stop drinking beer at home until April (Which is when Dinah Shores....the ultimate Lesbo Weekend is) hope you enjoyed this dose of Vixxx, until next time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dating in the Gay Scene?

I want to talk about another great topic. DATING!!!! Everyone knows the older you get the harder dating becomes. Why, because we tend to get more picky, when we probably shouldn't. We already know what we want, & usually, not many people fit the criteria. We have a no exceptions rule, or maybe a few exceptions, but who ever measures up to that list? (You know we all have our deal breakers)! Also because we are grown up and are not into playing games. Not to mention, there is probably some younger chick or guy in line before they hit on you lol. The older we get, our personalities change, we don't want the quick fling, we want the serious settle down type right?

So dating in the gay scene, well I think its probably harder than in the straight scene. Why you might ask, because you can't always tell who is gay, especially if your out at a straight place. (Unless you have amazing gaydar, or are a dyke who screams lesbian or a dude that screams Homo.) Well obviously you can tell when your out with your gay friends at a club, but we all know how long those relationships last. Your best bet is to meet someone through your other gay friends, try the online thing, or possibly try the blind date thing. Warning!!!! (About letting Straight friends set up blind dates for you). They Always try to hook you up with the one other gay person they know, or have heard about (Which is usually never your type....lol, so be careful).

Side story: My Parents tried one time to introduce me to my uncle's girlfriends daughter (Long explanation I know). I thought to myself NO-WAY, but then was like what the hell why not, let me just meet her. She was so far from my type of girl, I should have known better, I got suckered into it. We sat around and had nothing to talk about. It was no BUENO my friends. Lesson learned. Keep an open mind but be realistic.

I'm going to speak from personal experience, like I have said before, I love femmes. However because I am one, I tend to always get stuck with dyke's. So when I'm out and about, odds are more than likely only a stud or a dyke chick will try to make a pass. When your out at the grocery store or a restaurant or something of that nature, you have to watch the double takes, or the secret winks....lmao. Its hard to meet a girl unless your super aggressive, or unless your at the right place at the right time. Then when you give into it and take a chance, this is the top 10 things you are generally dealing with.

1. They are one of your friends or worst yet have dated one of your friends. (Big no-no in my book) However its hard to avoid because are Sea is like a fish bowl....lol. Seriously a small world in the gay scene. Everyone knows everyone.
2. They are already dating someone.
3. Bi-sexual (I'm just not into that, not a negative for everyone).
4. Lame Personality - Have no swagger about them, & are super boring.
5. A TOTAL PLAYER. and have way too much swagger about them.
6. Not into relationships, only looking for hook ups.
7. Crazy, & the stalker type. (usually the clingy ones from the club...lol)
8. Not your type, but cool to talk to (I'm not really about looks, but be honest its hard to be attracted to someone your not attracted too.) I'm into features rather than looks.
9. The Cheater type, leaves wifey at home & meets sancha's at the club.
10. The extremely Jealous type that comes with way TO MUCH DRAMA.

Lets say you get past all this, and you truly do meet the person of your dreams. You still have to be able to connect with them on a physical, emotional & sexual level. We all know when the sex is great, it will keep you happy in the beginning or until you get bored of it. When your physically attracted to the person, it makes you want them more. When they are sweet and on your level emotionally you are fascinated with them. But you have to make sure the fire never burns out. There has got to be substance!

I also come from a wild younger past (so I have done my fair share of dating). Then I have done the extremely long relationship type of thing to. I'm 26 going to be 27 this year, I was already engaged & it didn't work out. So to be honest the last thing I thought I wanted was to be in love again, well not for a long time at least. But let me tell you, trying to be on the open market isn't very much fun either. First of all my love life is very complicated, I don't even want to get into it. But most people who know me personally say I'm the wifey type....lol. That's because I am surely not the quick fling type.

What's a wifey type of chick? She is the one girl who is for the most part drama free, (only acts crazy if she needs too). Good looking, maybe not the hottest, but could be if your lucky. Independent, strong willed, hopefully amazing in bed, the one you want to take home to mom & dad. The one all your friends would try to scoop up if you ever broke up (Dam Haters...lol). The triple threat, is a Good cook or house wife type, has a Great Job, and can take of herself, & a banging personality who gets along easily with your peeps. Remember looks are not always what's important, but make sure you are attracted to her, other wise she will be wifey material, but you will always be looking for another attraction on the side.

Quick fling type is a drunken hook up, someone for the right now, not forever. The one who your super attracted to sexually and all but have no interest in anything else. The one who caught your eye, but came no where close to your heart. The I'm bored after 2 months type.

Don't worry there are more fish in the sea, is what my friends have been telling me since my big break up. But the sea is swimming with lots of piranhas too. I want to meet the person who wants to be with me now, not at some point. Who knows my worth, and doesn't pass me by. The person who is on my level, or trying to get on that level. I want some one to appreciate the sweet, good hearted, generous, hard working, independent woman that I am. I'm far from perfect but I have a great head on my shoulders. I want someone to have goals & aspirations like I do. Is that too much to ask for? I don't know, I guess only time will tell.

Hope you enjoyed my latest dose of Vixxx, remember people this is just for information purposes. Just a quick look into the dating life in the gay well Lesbian scene. Good luck out there my little fish. Time is short, sink or swim baby.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The House Warming, and a weekend update!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our House Warming, you all are so sweet. We had an awesome night until my dumb ass neighbors started trippin at like 9:00pm. WTF. We will get into that more later. So many things to say I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks.

So Lets start off with, I went out on Thursday night to a new Lesbo Club called Kyss to show support for my sexy DJ friend & only got like 3 hours of sleep before work the next day. However it was an awesome night, I danced & drank the night away, pimped my roomie out to lots of people on the dance floor, got to watch someone else throw up for a change.....LMAO. Like I said fantastic night, definitely worth the exhaustion at work the next day.

Then some how my lovely roomie convinced me to go out on Friday night. You might ask why, well that's because she hates to see me sitting at home alone, super sweet I know. One small problem, this now make 3 hours of sleep in like 48 hours & our house warming was the next day. I had to clean & prepare food, but hey I needed a little excitement in my life so I said what the hell. Too bad it was a straight club.... LMAO. But damm times have changed from back when I use to go to the Straight clubs. Let me elaborate on this one.

First of all I love to watch people, its one of my favorite things to do, because you never know what your gonna get. Well this night at the straight club, there was a whole lot of X-rated dancing going on. First of all there was a stripper as a go-go dancer, who was wearing a biking that was no bigger than my shoe laces. At least if she was cute, I would have been into it, but she wasn't my friends. Then all of these little girls in their tiny dresses backing it up on there guys. They needed a room for sure. I mean no joke, I saw a whole lot of ass & panties that day. We ended up getting home like at almost 4:30 am of course because we were bull-shitting & running around afterwards you know parking lot pimpin (For my roomie.....lmao).

I have to wake up Saturday, get my car back, clean the house, make the food, & do everything for the house warming which was suppose to start at 3pm. I woke up at like 10am, then I ended up waiting around to get my car until like almost 11am. Finally I get my car, run to the store to get a few last minute items & I'm back home by like 12:30. I start to clean, and I text my roomie to hurry her ass home to help me. Then I realize its about 2:30 & I haven't even showered or got any food ready. YIKES.... I think to my self don't worry people are always late. Sure enough people are not always late, I answer the door to my first guests looking a hot mess.

Then I quickly apologize to them, run upstairs to take a shower & have them just sit & wait for me. Then as I'm in the shower, everyone & their mom starts calling because they are arriving, I have my old roommate let people in (thanks babe by the way), because I am no where near ready. Long story short, at like 4pm, I was finally able to come down & prepare food. Thanks to my lovely friends the twins & my awesome co-worker who helped me prepare everything. Everyone loved the food, & enjoyed the special drinks I made, which we have officially named the Pink Pantie Droppers. (The name says it all people).

We began opening our gifts and we realized that either our friends think we are alcoholics or they are. Because we got 3 of the same 20 piece bar sets with all kinds of cups & shot glasses, you know the whole package. Things came in 3 all night, we got 3 candle sets, people ran into our chandelier 3 times as well. We keep count because its pretty funny to us, even more so when it happens to one of us....duh we live there we should know not to run into it. We got cute frames, dope ass square plates which I love, the brownie seperater thingy, and some other kitchen stuff. All in all we had a lot of laughs & great vibes until my homophobic neighbor was harassing my friends as they left.

This guy is a total douche bag, he is a grown as man yelling at my lesbian Friends the most ridiculous slanders. I wont even repeat the shit he was saying. They called the cops because we were too loud supposedly, my other neighbor called my landlord & my building management. What a night, & people it was only 9pm. WTF!!!!! My landlord was cool, he called me the next day & I explained our side of the story & at the end of the day, he was not mad. SO YAY, our House Warming was a success.

Hope you enjoyed the latest dose of Vixxx, I have lots of stuff planned this weekend, so you never know what I might be writing about next week.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday Brunch with my Girls

For as long as I can remember I have been friends with the same 5 people. We always called ourselves the Sexy 6, and dam we have lived up to it. We use to tear the town apart with our good times. I have known my cousin (well obviously since I was born...lol) The Twins since kinder garden, Heather (may she rest in peace) since I was 16, and Then my other BFF since I was like 16 or 17. These girls are & will be my girls forever. They are the type of friends, you can stop talking to for 10 years, & then just pick up the phone & catch up like it was yesterday. Most girls don't have a close group of girl-friends they can count on forever, but I am lucky to say that I do. We all have our flaws, but we are riders for each other no matter what.

We have had our wild & crazy nights out on the town, to our back yard parties at my parents house, to our insane spring breaks, to our relaxing get together lunch dates, to our annual meetings at the cemetery. Your probably thinking WTF, well like I said may Heather rest in peace. We meet every year on her birthday & the anniversary of her passing at the cemetery. We hang out, talk, bullshit, laugh, cry, drink and imagine all together, as if she was still with us today. We have all kept our promise to each other & to her that we would never forget her. But that doesn't surprise me, because she is the most unforgettable person I have ever known.

As the years go on we have all gone through are changes in life, as you know these are my straight friends, so most of them are married or having babies, living the family life. I am the only JACKO... that is still out and about all the time. It comes with the territory of being gay I guess. Well not always true, when you have a solid partner, you can always settle down, & only go out on occasion. We as girlfriends try to see each other like once a month or at least every other month for Girl time, but I think its more like DRINKING time.

I love my girls we all drink up a storm & laugh our asses off when ever we get together. My favorite part of being with them, is the memories we always talk about. For an example they always want to talk about back when I was straight....lol (It's not gonna happen ladies but I cant knock them for trying). Any who we were talking about typical girlfriend Q's, who was your best kiss, best sex, that whole shabang, and its funny to hear every one's answers, I'm sure a few of mine were un-expected. I think it was hysterical this time around because we had brunch at my house & my Lovely roomie was there who knows nothing of my straight life, I kept having to say EAR MUFFS to her so she wouldn't listen to all my crazy (straight-girl) stories.

Every now & then I can get them to shake what there mamam gave them on the dance floor of club, but those days are few & far between. But guess what, I convinced them to go to a club this Friday night (Of course it has to be a straight one) but who cares, were gonna party like its 1999. (I threw that one in for my older peeps, becuase I love me some prince, but I was in 10th grade in 99.) LMAO!!! Keep reading to see if there are any wild stories in us left.

Hope you enjoyed my friendly dose of vixxx today.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Crazy Love Life - Part 3 (The Real Lesbian)

When I was 19 my best friend passed away from cancer, I was heart-broken an a mess. The last thing I wanted to do was party or meet new people. I had just spent the last 6 months sleeping in the hospital on two chairs put together. So as you can imagine, I was devastated. My friends wanted me to be happy, so they tried to get me to go out. But really I was a bore, Not my usual life of the party self. So I did what I usually do, I threw myself into my work.

While my friend was still around but sick, she begged me to go out & have a good time. I agreed go out this once to show her we can still have fun. I met someone that same night. But I was not interested, due to having no time in my life. After my friend passed that person popped around again. She was friends with my circle of friends. She started to call, & hang around, I wasn't looking for anything serious. I guess in December after talking for a few months, I started to see a possibility of something more. Small problem this girl was another big time player and yes people she was a dyke. So what did I do, nothing. I wouldn't even kiss her until she was done with all her other girls in her entourage, and to my surprise she got rid of them, and I guess I gave into the whole dyke thing again. Who would have thought my longest relationship would be with a dyke. I guess opposites attract...lol.

By the end of December 2002 we had made it official. It was fun to date someone who was really into me, & vice verse. We partied together with our friends but with all new loves, your most comfortable when its just the two of you. The first time we were sexually together, it was incredible the best I had ever had. Her lips were so soft and passionate. I was longing for someone to make me feel so .... orgasmic. I fell in love with the thought of being in love.

We had an amazing first 6 moths together, she helped me heal my pain of losing my best friend. She kept me happy, which was something most of the other people I dated couldn't do. We had problems over the following 6 months, our friends didn't think we should be together. Our first year was a bit of a roller coaster. We fought for our relationship, & in the process, I lost a lot of friends. I was angry with her, but it was also a very positive point in my life. I was growing up and I got my shit together.

We bought a condo, and started to build a life together that wasn't about partying, hanging out and hooking up. It was about getting ahead in life. I was 20 & she was 19at the time (yeah I'm older not a Chester though....lol). For my first birthday together she took me to Hawaii, Maui to be exact. It was blissful, the first picture we took together was at the beach during sunset. We fell in love & did everything together, she became my best friend. We knew we could make it together, she asked me to marry her and I said yes. However we agreed to wait for gays to marry legally. Its just a piece of paper anyway, & we already lived the life of a married couple.

We grew up together over the next few years, but in all relationships there are problems, and as time would go on, we would develop more and more. We sold our condo about a year later and upgraded to a house. This year we went to Cancun for my birthday, we stayed in a luxurious hotel, & had a fabulous time. However with a new house comes new bills and we had to go back to reality. We were doing renovations to our house, & living the life. However money became a constant issue, we has times of struggle & times of bliss like most relationships. When we were struggling arguments would come, when money was flowing we were fine. We made a pact to stick it out, good or bad, hard or easy. We loved each other.

The following year we went to the Bahamas for my birthday, we loved to travel it was a way for us to celebrate our hard work. Although this trip had plenty of issues. We made the best of it. When we came home we were investing in more real estate & eventually got in over our heads. The financial problems were draining us. It then started to creep into our relationship. My partner was trying to get into the police force, and she dedicated her life to that, I supported a 100%. She quit her job, & managed all of our properties full time, I stayed working to bring a constant income to the house. But soon this would be the changes that started to ruin our relationship.

We began to fight about everything over the last year of our relationship. There were bad influences & my partner was going through a change within in her self & needed to be on her own. So October of 2007, just shy of five years together, we split up. I was broken into a million pieces. I had to start all over again, I never thought we wouldn't make it. I thought we will get through this, but we never did. I had lost my best friend again, but this time it was worse, because I was in love with her. This is the second most hardest time for me. We actually stopped talking for a long time. I didn't see her for over a year. We tried to be friends, but I guess it was too painful. We are civil now though, I love her still and always will.

I was very angry & hurt for a long time. I once again put my whole self into a relationship and ended up leaving with nothing. Pain is love I heard, ain't that the truth, but to be honest I would rather have loved and lost, then to never experience that kind of love, its intense. I have never really released so much to the public before, I had a journal that I would write in to keep me sane through the last year of our relationship. I'm telling you this because the one thing that helped me get through it all was TIME. TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS. Broken limbs, cuts, scrapes, & most of all broken hearts.

It's 2 years later now and I'm finding myself all over again. I re-connected with an old friend, who has slowly helped put all my pieces back together and mend my broken heart as best as I have allowed her to. I may have been broken, with all of the hardships in my life, but I can say honestly as do my wrists, I am beautifully broken. I hoped you liked this very deep dose of vixxx. We will get to better more funny stuff in the future. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's 2010

Wow peeps, were in 2010, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. I was having a beautiful beginning to my new year, until some hater, decided to comment on my blog anonymously. Now I know when you blog, you can't control who loves it & who hates it. So please see my lil side note to my anonymous haters: HI HATERS.............BYE HATERS

DEAR Anonymous Hater,
I would like to thank you for reading my blog, but please remember its my blog & I can write what ever I feel. If you don't like it - don't read it. I know who you are HATER.

Sorry had to do it, now back to MY BLOG:

I finished the next part of my crazy love life saga, but I wanted to reflect on the new year first, before posting it. So I'm sure everyone has made their new years resolutions....start exercising, loose weight, fall in love, become rich, you know all that kind of stuff. Well not me, I've already done the whole lose weight one - One too many time before, & you can see from my pics....I not doing that well....lol So this year I decided to stay thick, & just watch what I eat so I don't blow up to big. I want to be..., You know the sexy type of PHAT. (Pretty Hot And Tempting)

But I'm on a different level for 2010, I have been working on getting my life back together after my really rough break-up 2 years ago (See my crazy love life part 3). So I'm going to save money this year, so I can eventually buy another house. And start over in the game of LIFE. Everyone who knows me, knows that I like to spend all that I make & take good care of my peeps (I'm not the savings type). Reason being, I work really hard all the damm time, so spending well that's how I justify it in my mind - by enjoying life.

Also this year, I plan to be more adventurous. I will be attending the wild Dinah Shores in Palm Springs in April, which is the ultimate LESBIAN girls gone wild type of party. I went 2 years ago, & had the time of my life. I plan on going to New York in the Winter. I Might even think about going to Europe in the summer (we will see about this one). Oh and I'm so going Snow boarding this year, My board looks so lonely in my room.

Well that's it for now, my crazy love life will be up tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed your first dose of Vixxx for 2010