Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sexual Pet Peeves!

So I'm just gonna jump right in there and start this one. We all have something we hate or dislike.....or basically is a deal breaker in the bedroom. I was having a random conversation with some of my coworkers and they all know that I blog, so they suggested that I should totally write a blog about pet peeves in the bedroom. I said wow that's a great topic I am totally going to do it. So as most of my readers know I am a Lesbian, but I took pet peeves suggestions from both Straight & Gay friends. So while some of these pet peeves wont apply to all of you, It will still make you laugh your ass off. Please Comment with your favorite one, or let me know if I forgot a great one.

Oh I also wanted to say that not everyone will agree with these, some people are more freaky than others. Oh and finally I promised not to list any ones names who gave me their suggestions. LOL I really wish I could because it would be 10x more funny. But a promise is a promise :). I'm gonna list them in no specific order & give you my feed back as I go along. .

Tongue in Ear - My biggest pet peeve/turn off is when someone sticks their tongue into my actual ear, like a freaking q-tip. WTF that shit is gross. Its sexy to lick around my ear, maybe even suck on my lobes a bit. But I don't want your tongue inside of my ear. Also I hate when some breathes all loud into your ear, like hello that is my ear drum mofo. Huge turn off were not 13 anymore get it together lol.

Oral sex head control - This next one was submitted by one of my straight girlfriends. She said she hates when she is giving head & the guy starts to push her head down faster and faster or lower and lower (the deep throat action). Duh idiot do you want me to throw up on you? I was laughing hysterically when she said this. See I think guys get so into the moment, they think that if they move the girls head the way they like it, they will bust faster. However they aren't the girl choking on the chicken (catch my drift) & they might just get a surprise bust of some vomit or at the very least some serious gag action from the girl.

Hairy Area's - This next one can go for either sexual orientation. Hairy people in general are gross. A straight friend said, I hate when your with a guy and he has a hairy chest and it gets stuck on you during sweaty sex, or when your done you find hair in between your boobs. YUCK. I started to think about this from my own experiences, umm yeah its pretty gross when you go down on a girl & she is not groomed, I don't want to go through a jungle to find that kitty kat if you know what I mean. I need a clear path....at the very most a landing strip. I saw on the Internet that straight girls also don't like when a guy isn't groomed either because it gets stuck in their teeth. OMFG right TMI, but it goes both ways i guess.

Selfishness - What about when your just about to orgasm but your partner stops, your stuck with that little bit of hatred in your eyes like really your just gonna stop before I finish, this is 10x worst when they have already finished. UHHHHHHH makes me angry. On that note what about if your preforming oral sex on your partner, and for what ever reason they aren't climaxing. Be it your not doing it right or they are having their own issues. But whatever it is they wont freaking cum, talk about annoying right. Then your all frustrated and probably don't even want to continue.

Busting with NO Warning- I would know nothing about this next one, but I will say this the person that told me this one hmmmm all I can say is I wouldn't even think she did this....lmao (You know who you are) So she said I hate when they bust in your mouth & don't even tell you like no warning even. How freaking rude. I myself don't mind.....jk lol you should see me cracking up right now.

Sex Talk & Screamers- So I'm on the fence about this one. It could go either way for me. Were gonna break it down into a few parts. 1st part, someone who likes to talk a lot during sex, like have a full on conversation. umm hello can you focus please lol. Now if you are gonna talk, then talk dirty :) 2nd part Someone said to me their pet peeve is. DONT tell me to talk dirty to you, I will if i want to. LMAO that shit was great. I guess everyone has their own comfort zone and knows when & where to bring the freak out. 3rd. What about the porno type screamers, like they are so loud all you can think is they are faking it. I myself like to be loud when your putting in work. But if its lame you wont hear a peep out of me. So I guess Control your screams in bed? I don't know about this one, I'm still on the fence.

Pity Sex- im sure we have all gave in once before to satisfy our partner or someone at some point. LOL if not your freaking lucky your day will come my friends. But I hate pity sex, I have a rule and I stay true to it. If I don't want to get it on, then we sure as hell ain't getting it on. What about when someone is giving you the pity sex. "Like ok i guess if you want to". Or just lays there like a dead corpse. OOOOhhhhh girl i don't want no dead fish, and If your that inexperienced, then you shouldn't be with me.

Toe to mouth - This one speaks for it self, ever heard that phrase take your foot out of your mouth. We all know its a bad thing right. So then why in the world would you want someone to suck on your toes? (Or worse you suck on someone else's toes). I will make one exception to this rule, just had a pedicure and were in the tub, and my feet are super clean :) But even then, that is not a common thing going down for me.

Sex Toys -LMFAO at this one, this applies to all sexual orientations, but I heard it from a straight friend. SOME THINGS AREN'T SEX TOYS! LOL she said when they are at the grocery store her boyfriend will grab all kind of weird objects and give her this look like ohhhhh yeah!!! Then she would give him the look like hell mutha effin NO! LOL I personally am not into toys but I know that a lot of my lesbian friends can't live without them, so just a word of advice peeps not all things are made for the private holes. LOL an if your using weird objects, please put a condom or something on them & THROW THEM AWAY WHEN YOUR DONE. Could you imagine you leave something out & someone else eats it later. I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth.

Questions - So what about when your first getting to know someone sexually it can be annoying if you ask them too much about all their past sexual experiences for more reasons then one. But if your asking about my wildest, craziest, dirtiest sexual experience then in the words of Jack Nicholson "YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH" especially if you have to ask about them. You should be trying to create them with me, & making me forget about the others.

EXIT ONLY- So this one is different for everyone, some people are into it and some not so much. But most guys love it. They hate when a girl says exit only, it shoots all their hopes and dreams down lmao. I say hey at least they told you. I guess its different for everyone. I will leave it at that, I don't want to go into too much detail on this one.

Sloppy Kissers - So everyone loves a good passionate kiss right, well what about when the person is freaking all over the place. Like trying to swallow your face, or licking your mouth like your lips are the size of Ronald McDonald's painted on ones. Yuck no one likes a freaking doggy kiss, Keep it cute please.

Well I think that I covered quite a few items on this blog. I hope you enjoyed this dose of VIxxx. Don't forget to comment with your favorite Pet Peeve or let me know what I missed. xoxo Vixxx

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Catch-up Blog

Hello Hello out there, I'm still here, just been having writers block like a mutha #@$%...So I decided to just write about all the things that have happened since my last blog. Sadly to say I can sum each month up in a paragraph or 2 for each month. Talk about boring right. So world please send me some interesting shit to write about. Sure I could BS and write random stories but I haven't had anything spark my interest enough.

February - Hmmmm was slightly stressed while I planned my Bff's baby shower, but I was able to get through it. Excited about new opportunities at work that were coming in March. Got my Dog Blu, which is hella crazy because I'm not a dog lover (True story), but hey she keeps me company, and makes my heart happy. I think almost every person I knew thought I fell an bumped my head, and I think they were honestly concerned for the dog. ROFLMAO, just because I don't like pets doesn't mean I will kill them. Hello peopleI am now an official Pet/House sitter. Went out this month for the first time in a long effin time. So much fun, Me & the Mare Bear went out to Club Juicy for the grand opening, & to Celebrate our Friend Slax's Bday. Good times, got Mare super drunk, she was dead for like the next 2 days (sorry babe i<3 U). Reminds me of the good old days when I was single again. Awwwwwwww so precious makes me smile all over again. Seeing her the next day, was priceless. Dam girly what did we drink is all I could think, that dam shot messed us up. (Note to self only by the bday girl shots if were already drinking them....otherwise were gonna be paying for more than a shot). Well she was down for the count at the club, I made it home, with a slight hangover the next day, granted she doesn't ever party anymore, so I would have a better advantage but hey it had been quite awhile since I partied, thats for sure hence the long delay of blogging updates.

March - New beginnings at work........not so true.....well we shall see I say. Now I'm focused on planning a dinner for HB's Bday, and finishing all the planning for the Bff's baby shower. Oh Yeah I like to Party. The HB's dinner ended up being great thanks to all our friends who came out, we actually headed over to HB's favorite spot, the always classy Candy Cat.....(I'm joking in case your unsure...lol) All our friends came out to shoot some pool, cheap drinks, and good times, we definitely don't go for the half naked chicks, because truthfully their so not the business. (This will later turn into a regular Lesbian hang out, see the coming months). The party then continued onto our casa, a bunch of our lesbo buddies came over & drank some more. They played rock band until like 6am you dam crazy tweakers, all spaced out. Oh and everyone tried to beat Kid & her one freaking move on the Mortal Combat vs DC game. Fucking batman mofo. (LOL, sorry babe had to put that in there for HB & Slax). Meanwhile Sandy decided to turn my staircase into her very own private slide. Sandy woke up with the meanest case of rug burn she has ever had. (Poor her it wasn't even from wild sex, but it was a wild ride.) All this was going on, and I the wild and crazy little vixen that I am was fast asleep on top of my kitchen table. (Yes what a loser...I was living the life...roflmao) Well as the sun rose I found that 4 of our friends ended up spending the night, we woke up the next day....well like a few hours later & in the same clothes as the night before and pj's went to my favorite lil Mexican Seafood spot. It was also Raining the hardest its ever rained in the past 2 or 3 years combined. (random for cali, just saying we could have swam home seriously.) We laughed so much, I though they were gonna roll our asses out, but they didn't.

Now onto the Baby shower, almost at the end of the month, we had the baby shower for the bff at the El Torito, it went so perfectly. First & foremost thanks to everyone who helped & everyone who gave a gift, its very much appreciated. (Note: To all who are confused about how much to spend on a gift. If your going to a restaurant and the person is paying for your meal, please be sure to give a gift that at the very least matches what they are spending to feed you. LMFAO, Don't be ghetto, with a 99 cent gift just saying).

April - More like April fools sucka, your still not getting a raise at work. (Fucking economy right, well its 10 times worst in Real Estate peeps). Found out they are postponing our pay increases until the market starts to heat up (So im thinking summer loving). So I ask myself this question: Who loves to bust their ass and work non-stop and NOT get rewarded? Answer: Hand raised HIGH me with a big old DUMB ASS written across my forehead. LOL I'm just kidding I love my JOB (Hello its like my whole life) and my Bosses (They rock and its not their fault), and even all the crazies I work with (you know who you are....actually you probably don't but this is a quick catch up blog I don't have enough time to list emh all (LMAO). Its worth the wait for the raise right? Well I hope it is.... imagine its a freaking quarter raise...WTF I'm gonna jinx myself. Note to self make sure my bosses still love me. LOL

May - FYI this is gonna be a long one, for more reasons than one, but mainly because its the current month & my memory serves me best FRESH. LOL. (I'm gonna break this month down into paragraphs because I got lots to say).

Cinco De Mayo/Casino night party at work, so excited I worked so hard putting it all together. I was mainly excited, because the last one we had was a few years ago, and me and the BFF got pretty drunk (This was prior to her becoming a prego lady obviously), we had to get driven home by one of our office Title Reps (Thx Allen). GOOD TIMES! So the day arrives, I had the HB's mom's amazing Mexican food & her awesome Casino Cake. The gambler peeps were all set up, we had some great prizes up for the raffle. I was ready to let loose and enjoy the great night I put together. Dam it all to hell that's not what happened at all. I had to play hostess all night & help entertain everyone. I got to play Craps for a short while & can you believe it I only had 2 freaking beers all night. And you all know that's nothing for me. Oh and I had probably had the most money at the end of the night, and I was so excited to turn it in for raffle tickets. But then my freaking boss drops the bomb on me, that Staff can't win the prizes. WTF I was gunning for the IPAD2 peeps. So all of this and I Still had to stay and clean up afterwards. Big thanks to everyone who stayed and helped me and Jess clean up. J-dawg my co-pilot, your such a trooper, you make all my work journey's fun.

WhyNotInk Tattoo's 1 year anniversary was a major success I can only say that I am so proud of my cousin, & it just goes to show that Karma does come back around. Good things do come to those who truly deserve it. My Cousin John is one of the most selfless, generous, kind-hearted, talented people I know. Congrats cousin on a successful first year of business at your shop. You have hand picked a great group of artists with such diverse personalities but they mix so well together. The perfect family, I love emh all. So if you haven't checked the shop out yet, please come by they are located in Mission Hills (Sepulveda & Chatsworth), or check out their website www.whynotinktattoo.com you can also find them on facebook. To all of my friends that came out to support the event thanks again, you all ROCK!

Drum roll please were onto the biggest news yet, so my bff finally left work on maternity leave on May 13Th, the day before the 1year anniversary for Why Not Ink, so I was hoping and praying she didn't have the baby that day, because I was working the event for the shop. Lucky me she didn't pop that day, she freaking actually held it in until the 19Th. My beautiful nephew Andrew William Torres was born, 8 lbs 2 ounces and 21 inches long. Congrats to my BFF Rach and he amazing hubby Hugo. I have so much to say about this, I have just decided it should be a blog of its own.

OMG I almost forgot, the Whynotink Bowling party. Im a pretty freaking decent bowler, the more beer I drink the more strikes I throw. Yeah buddy, I think I'm gonna join the team and play in the league. What do you know, I said I was told everyone I was gonna bust my kingpin moves on them sucka's and I sure did I beat everyone on m game. Ok ok enough bragging my score was like a 140. I know this probably sucks in professional bowling leagues, but not at the Whynotink party. Woot Woot. Oh and after this at midnight we went to watch Hangover 2, I was ummmm way too drunk, fell asleep and was snoring at the theater after I was making a complete ass out of myself, saying were going to bangCOCK like 1000 times, and not to mention I was talking to all the random peeps around us. Capital LOSER dude.

So I will say the baby Andrew blog will be great with tons of funny stuff (I haven't really been around a baby in like umm 20 years when my lil bro was a baby.. so I hope you enjoyed this Semi yearly dose of Vixxx and I promise to write again soon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moments in Life

So I'm house sitting again, and today is my last night at my beach getaway. As I was driving home from a very exciting day at the office, I was listening to one of my favorite artist's of the moment. Nicki Minaj & my Love Drake. In one of their songs, the Lyrics say

" I wish that I could have this moment 4 life, 4 life, 4 life Cause In this moment, i just feel so alive, alive, alive"

So I got to thinking about some incredible moments in my life, I needed to take some time to talk about a few of them, it seem's to go with the theme of today.

First and Foremost, I want to Congratulate my sis from another mis..... Audrie & her Hubby David on their new baby girl today. Jan. 25th 2011, Ms. Amaya Heather was born, and she is beautiful. Her big brother Baby D, aka Day Day welcomed her into their perfect little family with open arms. Congratulations again to my friends, cutest little family ever. I am once again a proud Auntie!

So now im gonna take it way back when, to some of the moments that have made an incredible impact on me.

When I was 7 years old my parents decided to get sober. For most kids this might not be such an intense moment, but my parents were drug addicts when I was younger. They were always great parents but like all parents they made mistakes along the way. So when they got Sober, it was a huge turning point in mine and my first little brother's life. Then shortly after my 2nd little brother was born. Great news! However at the same time my Mom got some very difficult news. I was about 9 years old and my Mom was diagnosed with Cancer. My Hero was wounded, It was hard to understand at such a young age, but I did everything I could to help my mom get better. I took a very advanced role in raising my brothers. This... I guess will make sense later when I talk about when I realized I didn't want kids. My mom has continued to fight cancer, for the past 19 years. I admire her strength, and courage to not give up. I love you MOM. I love my family, even as crazy as they drive me. I love them so much I just got their Bday's tatted on me in roman numerals. II.V.XVI.XXVI

Another huge moment, was when I first kissed a girl we have talked about that a few times so I'm not going to go into too may details but I will say it was such a crazy night, I made out with one of my friends, & then had to walk home from her house. It was like a 10 mile walk at like 4 am, and some crazy weird crack head guy walked me home. Random I know......lol

The first time I fell in love, talked about it already, so again im not going to go into too much.

The first time I had my heart broken. Well I guess its happened twice now, but one was far worst then the other. I have the this big heart and when I fall for someone, I always give them all of me. I lose my self in the love that I have with them. I never imagine the breakup, the last really bad one I had, changed me forever. Makes me never want to fall for someone again. But I will say that when your so in love that you can jump in eyes wide shut, its amazing, and I will never forget that feeling or that moment ever. But of course the breakup was very bad and I wont ever forget the pain I was put through either.

The great times I have had with my friends over the years are priceless, those are some of my best moments ever. I truly can say that I have a special place in my heart for all of those incredible moments that I have shared with them. From when I was a young teenager pimpin rides to the Arena with my friend F. To when I was ditching school for Dp's or sneaking out to go party with my party crew. I have had a wild ride with them all, and that was just in High School.

The saddest moment in my life, which has made me a better person, a stronger person was losing my best friend to Cancer. The say what doesn't kill us only make us stronger. That is so freaking true. She made me realize life is too short not to enjoy it.I don't want to sit back and watch everyone else enjoy it. I want to get out there and live every moment. Besides in the end, its the moments in our life that make it all worth living. They are what tell the great story about us. I want to have an incredible story to be talked about for years. Thank you Heather for inspiring me to be incredible.

My College Years, well I'm giggling as I write this because its funny to think of all the shit we use to get into. We would party Wednesday through Sunday and would load up on coffee to make our morning classes, plus I was working like 3 jobs. We went to foam parties, lingere parties, even frat parties. I think my favorite was probably this one club we use to always go to. It was called Club Flirt and yes it was a straight club. (not lame though, promise lmao), and it was all the way out in Artesia, yeah we had some hilarious nights with that one. But some things are better left unsaid. LMAO. During this time we would also go to a lot of Tea Parties, which is basically a gay party. AND no we don't drink Tea.....LMFAO.

Best weekend with my girls ever had to be A's bachlorette weekend. The Roof The roof is on fire. Becky and Carlene, to Kevin Little, and Fat Joe, Lean back, Lean Back.....do the rockaway. My girls know what im talking about. These were just some of the incidents in Vegas. Wow it was probably one of my best trips ever. We tore up the dance floors, out drank the bars, and danced for cab fare, and got kicked out of Casino's its like the girl version of the hangover. Priceless for sure!

After the breakup partying, I moved out and had to stay busy so I wouldn't dwell on being heartbroken So I would have poker nights, where I would hustle people's money. Then sunday night dinners with friends who would come over and we would all take turns cooking, which usually rolled over to monday hang overs & call out of work days. Then we were forever at Gloss, Envy, Truckstop, CATWALK and every other poppin gay party. I was quite reckless for awhile, but it passed and I have settled way down but thanks to my partner in crime MB for all the laughs and wild nights. Including the lollypop night....Hands over face lol.

Now I have the occasional Lesbian nights with my regular lesbian coupled friends, but don't get me wrong they are still hell of wild. We all have game nights where we basically drink and get wasted, a few times, I got a little to crazy and ended up making out with some of my friends GF's and wifey's. However it was not instigated by me. LOL im innocent I swear. Dilligaf.

The great moments with the roomies pretty much inspired me to start writing my blog and have always been tons of fun.

Now Im wondering, since im getting older.... about my future great moments, im excited to travel again, I wonder if I will ever fall deeply in love again, I wonder if I will ever climb the mountain that I want to. I wonder about where my career is going to take me. So many things, I cant wait for them to happen, so stay tuned for future doses of Vixx, that will have more good, bad, and of course ugly to follow. xoxo Vixxx

Friday, January 7, 2011

House Sitting

Lets start at the beginning. So about a year ago or so a friend/co-worker asked me if I wanted to start house sitting with her. Like start a business, and I was like hell yes. Who wouldn't want to stay in beautiful houses & get paid for it. (But then the biatch up and left me for school...dam lil heffer) So I myself have to admit I'm not a huge pet lover, but believe it or not, pets have kind of grown on me. Well I guess its easy to watch someone Else's pets for a short while. I myself am far too busy to have one of my own. But if I did have one, I would have to go with a English Bulldog. They are absolutely adorable.

OK, So the different houses I have watched.

My Bosses High Rise Condo at the Marina is done to the 9's as they sale in real estate. He has this gorgeous 2 Bedroom 2.5 Bathroom condo that over looks the Marina. The building itself is amazing, they have a roof top jacuzzi & Sky lounge, huge pool with private cabana's, fire pits, BBQ Grills, plus and outdoor gym. The building is an artist's paradise, every floor features different famous artist paintings. From the moment you drive up there is 24 hour Valet parking, Concierge, and my favorite, this beautiful waterfall. This is my home away from home, because I stay there the most. Inside his house, there must be a flat screen in every room, its funny because I don't really think he watches that much TV but hey it looks cool. Wall to Wall windows for amazing views of the Marina. Extremely comfortable bed, I almost hate to leave because I sleep like I'm in Heaven on it. LOL its true. He has the rain like shower, that's the bomb too! I have to take care of 2 Kitties for him, Jeff (who looks like he should be called fluffy, because he is huge & white & of course fluffy) He is sick, poor lil guy have to give him a pill twice a day, so he doesn't have a seizure. Then there is fluffy ... really his name is fluffy, its kind of confusing at first...lol. But like most cats, they pretty much take care of them selves, so its easy work.

My Co-workers Cute Apt. She has a very adorable 2 bedroom apt in the artist district in North Hollywood. Her bed is huge, I swear you could probably fit like 6 regular size people in it, or possibly 3 like 300 pound people. Well the weird thing about it is her and her boyfriend are models, so there very tiny people, you could probably fit like 10 of them in there....lol. She has 2 doggies I watch, Ruka (not sure of the spelling) & Harley. Ruka is a little tea cup Maltese who loves to play, and Harley is a Jack Russel terrier. Tons of fun, they let me rent movies on demand. Oh & I absolutely am in love with their couches, they are so freaking comfortable. Especially because I have the most annoying couches ever, but they were free so I cant complain too much. (Sorry for anyone who sleeps over, they suck to sleep on for sure. I'm talking legs hanging off the edge, even if you are only like 4 feet tall......roflmao.

My Bosses GF's Townhouse at the Beach. This one is the ultimate so far, she literally lives on the beach. I wake up to people walking around on the beach, running exercising, its beautiful to watch the sunset at night. she has this enormous spa tub, then a separate dual headed shower, plus a bidet. (For those of you who don't know what a bidet is, its the cool toilet that washes your booty...lol) She has 2 dogies & I watch my bosses doggie as well. Gidget is playful as ever, actually she doesn't give up, then their is her other dog Sophie. She is very quiet & relaxed, until you take her out on a walk & there is other stranger dogs around. Then she's got a whole lot of bark in her. Then of course their is the cutie pie Peanut my bosses pride & joy, our office mascot. He is cute & cuddly until it comes time for food, he will bark you out until he gets his low sodium turkey. I would go back there faster then my heart could beat, its kind of far, but its my secret paradise.

So far those are the main one's more to follow in the future....I'm sure you were looking for some Juicy details of some wild nights I had or some dirty secrets, but you are all nasty & dirty minded. I behave at other people's houses, I do my naughty stuff in my own house lmao. Hope you enjoyed my secret getaway dose of Vixx.

Happy New Year's Everyone, we shall see what 2011 will bring for me & for the blog. Thanks for reading as always!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

December & Blast from the past

So Here goes December, Lot's to talk about:

Had a work Christmas party, it was cool nothing to wild was going on this year. Dam My blog must have cursed me and warned my co-workers to watch their step because I would be watching....lol.

We had a Lesbian Secret Santa Gift Exchange & Dinner with all my Lesbian Friends (hence the lesbian's...lmao), it was ton's of fun. T&R (The little couple that the fire never burns out on....literally they need a room sometimes. Still love ya gals) got me & My Hb. They are so sweet they bought us a great gift set of different types of glasses (Wine, liquor, beer, shot glasses). However there is a funny story to go along with it, (well if you read all my blogs, you will know that its the same one we got 3 of during our house warming party) LOL but hey it was super sweet of them. Thank you ladies your the bomb.com.

My Bff, turned 5 months pregnant and its a boy YAYYYYYY. Then my Sister from another mother turned 7 months pregnant and its a girl Yaaayyyy, she's gonna be a princess like her mama. We celebrated my oldest friends around birthday, I've literally known these girls since kindergarten. So for the Twin's Bday, we took them for massages, & lunch at Yamato's. Lots of fun, love all my girls, you're all my other halves, quarters..eighths.

Ok so now for the real blast from my past: So I have a pretty close circle of lesbian friends, remember when I said our sea is really like a fish bowl, well how true that statement is. A good friend of mine works with my first girl love .... crush... kinda sorta of my first GF ...lol (for purposes of the blog we are just going to refer to her as my x-gf.......ok everyone .....lmao).

So I guess they were on my friends FB page & they were looking at pics from the LESBIAN secret Santa dinner...lol (hence the fish bowl again) Any who back to my topic, they came across a picture of me & my HB. Then my X-gf said hey you know Vixen, and my friend said yeah.....and thought to herself omg who else knows Vixen. I know alot of people what can I say......roflmao. So my friend told me they worked together, & I said tell her I said hi & to give her my number.

So of course like any natural person would do when they get a blast from the past. They would reminisce about the past. All these things came to mind, like hiding from my parents, a black mustang, overalls, roses....and of course ton's of other things. So I will elaborate a bit on some of the topics. The x-gf is my total type, Femme with beautiful long dark hair, gorgeous smile, and enticing eyes. We dated for awhile in High School, but she was my first of many things, as I have said in the past one of the things was allowing me to understand it was ok to want to be with a girl.

When we were dating, it was so amazing to me because it was all so experimental, she taught me lots of things. We used to wear overalls for easier access.....LMAO. She drove a sexy black mustang, and we would make out for hours, and mess around in her car. Pretty much all of my first's with a girl...(obviously) were with her. One time we were inside my house & I think my little brother might have caught us, & then she was forever embarrassed & hiding from my parents. I came out to my parents because I was so crazy about her. I would bring her roses to her house, & I'm pretty sure she was in the closet because I think she would freak out that I was a girl bringing her a rose. Idk that was just my take on it.

We would just be wild & crazy together, she actually was the one who got me into shaving all of my lower lady area's (TMI...I know).......roflamo but its the truth. She said you got to be bald or naked down there its sexier,(something like that) and I was so into her, I did it. (You should see my blushing red cheeks right now) I wonder if she will ever read this. :)

We had a wild ride for a few months, & then it started to end, but I've never forgotten her, and never will! So to all my past & current lover's you have her to thank for converting me over. She sealed the deal for the Lesbian in me, she took me from just messing around to actually really wanting to be with a girl.

Hope you liked this inspirational dose of Vixx. Like I said had a good inspiration for this blog, I had a busy December. Merry Xmas everyone and Happy New Years. I have another Blog coming up, about House sitting for my Boss, at the Beach! It's gonna be awesome. xoxox Vixx

P.S. I got a Louis Vuitton Bag from the HB for Xmas, so effin excited about it! Thanks HB your the bomb.com

Friday, December 24, 2010

Catching Up

Wow I've been gone for a minute. Sorry my fellow 8 followers....lol. I have not written a blog since July, well end of July. So Let's start by catching up.

My birthday was tons of fun, I went out partied had lots of fun with tons of friends (July)

Celebrated Heather's Birthday, she would have been 27 this year. Always a hard time for me. (August)

Sept......hmmmm, don't really remember it, must of been kind of lame. (September)

Oct.4Th marked 8 years my best friend has been gone, as I've said in the past we lost her to Cancer. It was a hard beginning of the month, the girls & I met at the cemetery as we do every year, to hang out & let her know she will never be forgotten. I Love you with all my heart Heather!

Halloween, at work I was a Pussy Cat. Every year my co-workers & I come up with a theme for costumes at work. This year it was Animals, so being the typical lesbian I am, I had to be a pussy cat not a kitty cat. Then at night I was a Sexy Vampire, and when I say sexy I went all out. I wore a Corset, a tiny little skirt that was made of black tool, & lace, with little booty short underwear underneath. I had thigh high fish-net stalkings on, with some over the knee high boots. Chooooowww I felt super sexy, the Vixen was definitely out. We went to a friends party that my awesome roomie was dj-ing at.

Thanksgiving, went to visit the fam bam in Arizona, very relaxing. My dad was so sweet he took my car for an oil change, it was very much needed. :)

Which now brings us to December: See my next blog Blast from the Past to go over December.

Hope you enjoy the very quick dose of Vixxx, the next one shall be very interesting.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st Event of Vixmas

So I am turning 27 on July 29Th, most people are asking me if I'm crying the blues because I'm one year closer to 30. But HELL-TO-THE-NO, I say, because I'm not scared to grow old (not that 30 is old). I'm embracing every moment, & every second that I'm here. I don't want to wait for life to pass me by, because im worried about getting older. I want to live in today, and love being in the moment. Time is a crazy thing, I've said this time & time again. It can be the best cure or your worst enemy, but in the end time heals all!

I am one of those people who celebrates their birthday like all month long. Its a running joke with my peeps, we call it VIXMAS! (LMAO @ Skee for naming it). With this said, I start a countdown every year starting on July 1st. I talk about my bday to everyone, its my favorite Holiday, so why shouldn't I.

So every year I invite everyone to join me at multiple places to ring in my birthday. I usually plan a dinner with my closest friends, & then I have a special day with my girls, usually we do a lunch and spend the day at the cemetery. Then I generally do a big finale by getting a private table at a club.

This year my HB planned a surprise dinner for me. I felt to special, although everyone thought I wasn't surprised I was. It just happened to be at a place where I didn't have the fondest memories of. We actually sat at the same table my bad memories were from. But there is nothing like making new memories. So I walked into Yamashiro's in this tiny little dress, and a bunch of make up on, thinking it was a dinner just for me & HB. Turns out, all my friends were there, well almost all of them. I felt so embarrassed, I looked like a lil hooker.....I kept saying to everyone.

I had told everyone that I am buying a mac for myself for my birthday. So since their so dam effin expensive, I told everyone if they wanted to give me anything to give me a gift card to the apple store, Even if it was a dollar (hey were in a recession, I ain't mad at ya). Believe it or not, everyone listened to me, I got mainly all gift cards to the APPLE Store.

Dinner was fun laughing with all my peeps, My roomie was like an hour late, to a surprise dinner....LMAO(WAY 2 GO LES, your lucky I LUV CHU!) Oh & the greatest part we had no issues with the Bill. Everyone paid their amount & a lil more. I hate when you go out with a big party, and people always short the bill. They think if they buy something that's 11.99, they only owe 11.99, they don't pay for their tax or tip, or even worse the drink they ordered too. LMAO, OK enough bitching!

We left from Yamashiro's & went to Fiesta Cantina, to catch the last 30 mins of Happy Hour. Good Times, we all got drinks & had a fun filled night. We shall see what else it going down for the rest of Vixmas, stay posted! Hope you enjoyed today's dose of Vixx!