Friday, December 24, 2010

Catching Up

Wow I've been gone for a minute. Sorry my fellow 8 followers....lol. I have not written a blog since July, well end of July. So Let's start by catching up.

My birthday was tons of fun, I went out partied had lots of fun with tons of friends (July)

Celebrated Heather's Birthday, she would have been 27 this year. Always a hard time for me. (August)

Sept......hmmmm, don't really remember it, must of been kind of lame. (September)

Oct.4Th marked 8 years my best friend has been gone, as I've said in the past we lost her to Cancer. It was a hard beginning of the month, the girls & I met at the cemetery as we do every year, to hang out & let her know she will never be forgotten. I Love you with all my heart Heather!

Halloween, at work I was a Pussy Cat. Every year my co-workers & I come up with a theme for costumes at work. This year it was Animals, so being the typical lesbian I am, I had to be a pussy cat not a kitty cat. Then at night I was a Sexy Vampire, and when I say sexy I went all out. I wore a Corset, a tiny little skirt that was made of black tool, & lace, with little booty short underwear underneath. I had thigh high fish-net stalkings on, with some over the knee high boots. Chooooowww I felt super sexy, the Vixen was definitely out. We went to a friends party that my awesome roomie was dj-ing at.

Thanksgiving, went to visit the fam bam in Arizona, very relaxing. My dad was so sweet he took my car for an oil change, it was very much needed. :)

Which now brings us to December: See my next blog Blast from the Past to go over December.

Hope you enjoy the very quick dose of Vixxx, the next one shall be very interesting.

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