Friday, May 7, 2010

The Best Sex you ever had???

Well as always I have been running a muck, doing way too much & not taking any me time. So I have come to my blog to write about one of my favorite topics. SEX!!!
So I decided to do some research among my friends, & colleagues asking them 3 very basic questions about sex. These are the 3 questions that will go on through out my blog. Now I'm not talking about your oh, I had a great orgasm sex. I'm talking about the most incredible sex you have ever had. The break your bed frame type, the made your neighbors knock on your walls type, the made you speak a different language type. Or my personal favorite, be stuck in amazement and make you say its like that huh? For those of you who have not had this great of sex yet, damn you need to step your game up for real. I feel sorry for ya!

Question One: Who was the best sex you ever had with? (The makes you compare & contrast question).

Question Two: Where was the best sex you ever had at? (The memory question).

Question Three: When was it, & was it with your current partner/Spouse? (This one always gets people squirmy or nervous.....lmao)

Ok, so now as your reading this blog, answer these questions in your head, and think about this bonus question. Was the answer to all 3 questions with the same person? You would be surprised how many people say no they are not all the same people.... LMAO. So of course I will elaborate on some of my own amazing sexual experiences, because other wise it wouldn't be fair.

Now its no secret I have not always been a lesbian, but I can honestly say the best sex I have ever had is most definitely with a woman. Now I'm sure every guy that reads my blog is probably saying, oh well that's cuz your dude didn't hit it right. Bull shit, its just plain and simple. I am more sexually satisfied by being with a woman. Sorry boys don't hate, no offense at all.

I have been very lucky in my sexual experiences to basically keep upgrading. My first was fun, very experimental. Trying new things & doing things that my friends said they wouldn't do. (Hence the Vixen in me was born) So continuing on with the experimental stages, I tried women. They are fabulous, its almost like I had an epiphany, I was sayin ahhhhhhhhhhh! Having new firsts all over again. It was always great to have my partner know how every inch of my body worked.

I later on got into a long relationship with the person I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I also thought that the sex would get boring eventually. But to my sup rise I was very very satisfied with our sex life. She was by far the best I had ever had.... at that point in my life. Then we broke up, & I assumed I would not meet another match in the bedroom, for more reasons then one. But one very important one, was because whom ever was next would not be the person I was in love with. Love is not sex, & its very hard to compare making love with having sex in my eyes.

But wow has the grass got greener since then. (Koolaid smile across my face) Feeling oh so vixen-ish right about now. The next sexual partner that I had, was....is amazing. Have you even been thrown off your game a bit, you know when you don't think the person is gonna put it down in the bedroom, but then out of no where comes that Super Freak. Well this was one of those events, had me stuck on stupid. So of course when the sex is fan-tab-u-lous you become addicted and your always chasing the better orgasm. This is the best sex you will ever have, the one where both partners, only want to please the other one more than you just got pleased. Its like a competition in the bedroom. Lets just say I refuse to lose!

Now I love when you meet someone and they seem to be so timid & shy, & then.... well lets say the best way to describe it is a lady in the streets & a freak in the sheets. But even better then that is someone who is open to try different things & be experimental. Bottom line if you do it one way...one position for the rest of your life, where's the excitement in that. Different positions, different partners, or multiple partners, different toys/whips/lubes/creams, phone sex/role playing, spanking/hair pulling only add to new revelations in the bedroom. Some great, some .....not so great, but have fun you only live once. Be kinky/nasty if you want to be, It will only brighten your sexual experiences.

I love that when I talk about different sexual experiences people our curious about it & then it almost makes them want to try it out. For example, I crack up when all my straight friends or co-workers don't really understand Lesbian Sex. For those of you who don't know about it, its not just scissor-ing roflmao.(South-park explanation of lesbo sex). Its better than just oral, its better just getting pounded, its so much more intense. Well at least my experiences are.

I guess the rest will be left to the imagination. But I will leave you with this, Guys/girls imagine your best lap-dance....then imagine having an orgasm from it! For the grown & sexy only. If you know what I'm talking about then keep it one hundred.

Hope you like my very sexual experimental dose of Vixx, sorry its been so long. I will try to start blogging again more often. Work has been crazy! Thanks for reading & your comments xoxo Vixxx