Sunday, December 26, 2010

December & Blast from the past

So Here goes December, Lot's to talk about:

Had a work Christmas party, it was cool nothing to wild was going on this year. Dam My blog must have cursed me and warned my co-workers to watch their step because I would be watching....lol.

We had a Lesbian Secret Santa Gift Exchange & Dinner with all my Lesbian Friends (hence the lesbian's...lmao), it was ton's of fun. T&R (The little couple that the fire never burns out on....literally they need a room sometimes. Still love ya gals) got me & My Hb. They are so sweet they bought us a great gift set of different types of glasses (Wine, liquor, beer, shot glasses). However there is a funny story to go along with it, (well if you read all my blogs, you will know that its the same one we got 3 of during our house warming party) LOL but hey it was super sweet of them. Thank you ladies your the bomb.com.

My Bff, turned 5 months pregnant and its a boy YAYYYYYY. Then my Sister from another mother turned 7 months pregnant and its a girl Yaaayyyy, she's gonna be a princess like her mama. We celebrated my oldest friends around birthday, I've literally known these girls since kindergarten. So for the Twin's Bday, we took them for massages, & lunch at Yamato's. Lots of fun, love all my girls, you're all my other halves, quarters..eighths.

Ok so now for the real blast from my past: So I have a pretty close circle of lesbian friends, remember when I said our sea is really like a fish bowl, well how true that statement is. A good friend of mine works with my first girl love .... crush... kinda sorta of my first GF ...lol (for purposes of the blog we are just going to refer to her as my x-gf.......ok everyone .....lmao).

So I guess they were on my friends FB page & they were looking at pics from the LESBIAN secret Santa dinner...lol (hence the fish bowl again) Any who back to my topic, they came across a picture of me & my HB. Then my X-gf said hey you know Vixen, and my friend said yeah.....and thought to herself omg who else knows Vixen. I know alot of people what can I say......roflmao. So my friend told me they worked together, & I said tell her I said hi & to give her my number.

So of course like any natural person would do when they get a blast from the past. They would reminisce about the past. All these things came to mind, like hiding from my parents, a black mustang, overalls, roses....and of course ton's of other things. So I will elaborate a bit on some of the topics. The x-gf is my total type, Femme with beautiful long dark hair, gorgeous smile, and enticing eyes. We dated for awhile in High School, but she was my first of many things, as I have said in the past one of the things was allowing me to understand it was ok to want to be with a girl.

When we were dating, it was so amazing to me because it was all so experimental, she taught me lots of things. We used to wear overalls for easier access.....LMAO. She drove a sexy black mustang, and we would make out for hours, and mess around in her car. Pretty much all of my first's with a girl...(obviously) were with her. One time we were inside my house & I think my little brother might have caught us, & then she was forever embarrassed & hiding from my parents. I came out to my parents because I was so crazy about her. I would bring her roses to her house, & I'm pretty sure she was in the closet because I think she would freak out that I was a girl bringing her a rose. Idk that was just my take on it.

We would just be wild & crazy together, she actually was the one who got me into shaving all of my lower lady area's (TMI...I know).......roflamo but its the truth. She said you got to be bald or naked down there its sexier,(something like that) and I was so into her, I did it. (You should see my blushing red cheeks right now) I wonder if she will ever read this. :)

We had a wild ride for a few months, & then it started to end, but I've never forgotten her, and never will! So to all my past & current lover's you have her to thank for converting me over. She sealed the deal for the Lesbian in me, she took me from just messing around to actually really wanting to be with a girl.

Hope you liked this inspirational dose of Vixx. Like I said had a good inspiration for this blog, I had a busy December. Merry Xmas everyone and Happy New Years. I have another Blog coming up, about House sitting for my Boss, at the Beach! It's gonna be awesome. xoxox Vixx

P.S. I got a Louis Vuitton Bag from the HB for Xmas, so effin excited about it! Thanks HB your the bomb.com

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