Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DINAH Baby (Lesbian-Palooza)

A few blogs back I said I was gonna do the wild vacation to the Lesbian Paradise aka Dinah Shore in Palm Springs. Well I was but dam my friends & I couldn't get our shit together, so we never ended up getting our hotel or buying tickets at all. WTF, slackers I know!

But at the Last second, last day of the weekend we decided to go. Yep on Sunday at the very last minute we headed out. YAAAAYYYYY! So we jumped in my roomies car, ended up just being 3 of us in her car. We also had other friends in another car. So our adventure begins at about 12:30ish. We get to like Rancho Cucamonga at about 3pm & decide we need to eat, & start drinking already. So we stopped ate subway, (Yummy) then headed over to Vons to buy some liquor. Normally I'm more of a beer girl, but since it was already late in the game & late to our wild weekend, we had to suck it up & go with Captain & Coke. 3 of us finished the entire bottle (The big bottle) by the time we got there.

Now that we are there & feeling good ;) we parked & headed off to the Club Skirts Pool party. Wow there was some hot chicks, I was super impressed that it wasn't all ugly people (BonnnnuuuussS)! So for all my peeps that have never been to the lesbian-palooza lol, there is about 1000+ Women walking around in there sexy bathing suits, most of them are drunk & having a blast. I went with two Dinah virgin's (lmao) "I guess since its my second time, I fall under the Dinah Hoe category".

Anyways back to what I was saying, we arrive at the pool party, some how swoop in & get in for free (Yeeeaaahhhhhh)! Go straight to the bar, switch hit back over to bud-lights and start mingling around, taking pics with our Black Berry's (Yes cuz none of us retards brought a camera) lol. Oh but then again, "what happens at dinah, stays at dinah" :O Roflmao! (Well that's what they say, just so you know) Any who, taking pics with our friends that we ran into through out the party, & of course taking pics of all the half naked women, duh who wouldn't! Now this is not always a bonus, I have seen some not so sexy women walking around with just pasties, & that ain't cute girl. If I think I'm too big to be doing it & your twice my size it just ain't gonna work girlfriend. "Nah wait scratch that it's Dinah, be free let it all hang out, more power to you if you have the tata's to let it all out" I sure as hell don't!

Well again we got there late, like at 4pm, & the pool party was over like at 6 I think, By this time with a few bud lights down, & the third of the captain bottle, I'm feeling FAB-U-LO-SO! We decide, F-it lets stay for the closing party at Zelda's night club. Well first we need to sober up a bit, so we went to Shakeys got some food, then left to look for water at a liquor store. Oh I forgot to mention, that I went in the following attire. White Short (mini..ahahah)... Shorts, My bathing suit top, a thin tiny tank top, & flip flops. (It was a pool party) Well thank goodness for USC, I had my hoodie, just in case it got to cold.

So around 8 or 9pm we get to the club, (at this point were a little burnt out) but screw it we didn't drive 2 hours for Nada! We go inside to the Bar Baby, where else? I'm still having a blast (note: I'm still drunk...lol), dancing my lil flip flop, USC hoodie wearing ass off! Fell down the stairs at one point, that shit was funny! (most of this part is blurry for me) but we stayed till closing & my roomie sobered up to drive home. We got home at like 4 or 5 am on Monday morning. (I so did not go to work that day). My poor roomie, had to drive most of the way listening to me snoring away. LOL sorry hun!

All in all GOOD Effin Times, Nobody can do Dinah like we did in a one day turn-around trip of a total of like 15 hours! I hope you enjoyed my Dinah Dose of Vixxx, next blog will be about THE BEST SEX YOU EVER HAD????