Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st Event of Vixmas

So I am turning 27 on July 29Th, most people are asking me if I'm crying the blues because I'm one year closer to 30. But HELL-TO-THE-NO, I say, because I'm not scared to grow old (not that 30 is old). I'm embracing every moment, & every second that I'm here. I don't want to wait for life to pass me by, because im worried about getting older. I want to live in today, and love being in the moment. Time is a crazy thing, I've said this time & time again. It can be the best cure or your worst enemy, but in the end time heals all!

I am one of those people who celebrates their birthday like all month long. Its a running joke with my peeps, we call it VIXMAS! (LMAO @ Skee for naming it). With this said, I start a countdown every year starting on July 1st. I talk about my bday to everyone, its my favorite Holiday, so why shouldn't I.

So every year I invite everyone to join me at multiple places to ring in my birthday. I usually plan a dinner with my closest friends, & then I have a special day with my girls, usually we do a lunch and spend the day at the cemetery. Then I generally do a big finale by getting a private table at a club.

This year my HB planned a surprise dinner for me. I felt to special, although everyone thought I wasn't surprised I was. It just happened to be at a place where I didn't have the fondest memories of. We actually sat at the same table my bad memories were from. But there is nothing like making new memories. So I walked into Yamashiro's in this tiny little dress, and a bunch of make up on, thinking it was a dinner just for me & HB. Turns out, all my friends were there, well almost all of them. I felt so embarrassed, I looked like a lil hooker.....I kept saying to everyone.

I had told everyone that I am buying a mac for myself for my birthday. So since their so dam effin expensive, I told everyone if they wanted to give me anything to give me a gift card to the apple store, Even if it was a dollar (hey were in a recession, I ain't mad at ya). Believe it or not, everyone listened to me, I got mainly all gift cards to the APPLE Store.

Dinner was fun laughing with all my peeps, My roomie was like an hour late, to a surprise dinner....LMAO(WAY 2 GO LES, your lucky I LUV CHU!) Oh & the greatest part we had no issues with the Bill. Everyone paid their amount & a lil more. I hate when you go out with a big party, and people always short the bill. They think if they buy something that's 11.99, they only owe 11.99, they don't pay for their tax or tip, or even worse the drink they ordered too. LMAO, OK enough bitching!

We left from Yamashiro's & went to Fiesta Cantina, to catch the last 30 mins of Happy Hour. Good Times, we all got drinks & had a fun filled night. We shall see what else it going down for the rest of Vixmas, stay posted! Hope you enjoyed today's dose of Vixx!

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  1. Hahaha the famous Vixmas....good time happy bday babe! :)