Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Crazy Love Life-Part 2 (The little Lesbian)

When I was about 18, I had my heart broken by the one guy I ever truly loved. I tried to make it work but it just didn't. So somewhere between 18-19 I went from my curious days, to now knowing I no longer wanted to date men. I wanted to only be with women. It didn't happen over night, but I just knew I enjoyed being with Women more. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some idiot about to give my heart to the next person I met. I was going to have some fun, & live a little. I went from relationship to relationship. I wanted to meet new people, & have new experiences. Besides I was like 18 going on 19, and they don't call me Vixen for nothing.

I'm not going to go into detail about the in between times, when I was with girls throughout high school, because most of them were not of any substance just girls I dated. There were a few that caught my attention more then others. Let me tell the story by order of the ones that mattered. We already talked about first kiss, first crush/first real experience. I Love Femmes, so you will see how things have changed over the years. Even I am still confused by how this happened.

Lets talk about the on again-off again. I met this girl through mutual friends, she was absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. She was petite with long dark black hair, and a smile that could melt a million hearts. Not only was she stunningly beautiful, she had an amazing personality, but the downfall was...she was a player. (How could she not be though, she had way too much going for her to be tied down to one person). For some reason I caught her eye. We hooked up on and off for a few years, I adored her dearly but I was to scared to ever truly give her my heart. She was a heart-breaker, and not ready to settle down, so we kept it the way it was....SIMPLE. I became great friends with her over the years & still am today.

So I dated a few girls here and there, & had drunken hook ups as time went on. That's kind of how the gay scene is. The one problem is that almost everyone has been with someone you know, which sucks. My first Dyke experience, lol, sorry but I can only imagine what my readers are thinking. (Aren't they all dyke's....lmao). Well like I said earlier, I love femmes. If I wanted to date a chick that looked like a guy, then I should just go back to guys, right. Well not so true, even though they dress like boys, they are still very much girls.

My first dyke experience was interesting to say, we met through my best friend. We got along great, we would talk for hours, but only hooked up a few times. This girl was cute, she had long dark hair (I'm a sucker for long dark hair...lol) and what I loved was she shaved the bottom half of her head, & braided the top. She looked kind of like an Indian. Well while dating her, I came to find out that even though they dress like boys, they are still just as sensitive as femmes. It was never in the cards for us to work out. So I continued dating, but not as much, because my best friend got sick. My mind was pre-occupied with that.

The next girl that I will talk about is what really made me a full on lesbian (After her I knew I would never go back to guys again). She was the first and only girl I ever fell in love with. (Which at this point, I wasn't really sure there would ever be someone that I would fall for.)

Well that will be talked about in my next dose. Make sure to check out Part 3, The Real LESBIAN. Trust me it will be quite interesting.

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Crazy Love Life - Part 1 (The Bi-sexual Me)

I'm going to take it back to the beginning. I was not always gay. I was very straight, up till about my freshman year in high school. I was probably boy crazy, my friends would say. I kissed a girl for the first time in my freshman year in high school, we were drunk and it was a dare (Typical 1st lesbian experience). However at this point I was already curious about girls. I still dated guys & girls throughout high school. I met the first girl that ever meant something more to me, well more than just a hookup in 10Th grade. She was my first real lesbian experience, she was already a lesbian & she taught me lots of things. But most of all she showed me it was OK to care for or to love a girl (Which is something, I never acknowledged before). I didn't have to be embarrassed about what I was feeling or ashamed. She was my first heart break-from a girl as well. Love emh & leave emh right? It was never her intention to hurt me, but it happened.

While dating her I came out to my parents, My dad was understanding, because he knew I dated guys, & this was just a phase. My mom was devastated, crying & hurt that I could be bi-sexual, she could not grasp me being gay. (Sorry mom & dad, still gay). Although neither could I really back then. But I have always been passionate about what I want. And that was something I wanted for myself, to make my own sexual choices not what the world wanted to choose for me.

Then I met a guy I fell for in the beginning of my junior year of high school, thought he was the one, we even got out names tattooed across our backs. I got his & he got mine. He was the perfect guy in my eyes. Handsome, (well to me he was), He was a complete gentleman, opened doors for me, greeted my parents by MR. & MRS. (last name). We, got along great, we spent all of our time together. He was older than me buy quite a few years, & at this point in my life I was being home schooled, So we spent alot of time together. We loved each other, he truly was my first love. I still have a special place for him in my heart today. (At this point my parents are jumping for joy I'm sure.)

Then things started to get ugly about 1 1/2 years into our relationship, he was using drugs & became very jealous & controlling. I went back to high school for my senior year. It killed him, that I was going to be around other guys. Long story short, his drug abuse became so over-powering that it ruined our relationship. We lasted a total of about 3 and a half years. I still have so much love for him today, he is actually still very close to my family. His cousin married my cousin.

So as I'm sure your thinking, well after that battle, what bi-sexual wouldn't swing back to the other side. But to be honest at this point in my life, I decided that was it with guys. I would never love another guy the way I loved him, & I was much more into girls at this point anyways. So that's when it all started to be girls only. Since I was about 18, going on 19, I only dated women. But let me just assure you, girls are no less drama then guys. All relationships are work.

Make sure to check out my next blog, my crazy love life - Part 2 (The Lesbian Me) Hope you enjoyed today's dose of Vixxx

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lesbian CLUB Caution

I have officially become the President of the Drunken Elite. No bullshit, I got so drunk on Saturday at Club Caution. I will attempt to re-connect the series of events for good laughs. I was super excited because my buddy from San Diego, was in town, & it was her first time clubbing out here with me. So I knew we were in for a fun time. Also note the last time I partied with her was in Palm Springs at Dinah Shore. I ended up walking like 2 miles in heels to get to her hotel room - from my hotel room, & never even made it we ended up in the hotel (Lobby) bathroom. I took her to the sexy CLUB CAUTION, where everybody knows my name (just like the show cheers). Any who, because she was here, things got a little, well a lot out of hand to the say the least. OK lets do a time chart to break it down.

09:30 pm just finishing getting ready, Got my sexy new grey boots on.
10:00 pm out the door driving to pick up my babe
11:00 actually leaving her house heading to the club.
11:30 Entering the club. (Oh by the way no one in LA gets to a club before 11pm.)What more could a girl ask for music bumping, girls dancing, hugs from all the Lesbo's.

I walk into the club have a drink waiting for me from my Girl from SD. Next thing I know I'm getting pulled all over the place to dance. One girl is backing it up on me, & then the other is grabbing me from behind. Now you might be thinking, WTF, that's just how these wild girls get down...lol. I was thinking wait I don't even have one drink in me yet. I have to get tipsy before I make my way onto the dance floor. Moving through the night

12:00 am I am now finished with my first beer, moving onto Kamikaze's shots
12:15 am Back to Corona's (Note to self, never mix drinks. Liquor before beer your in the clear)
12:30 am Dancing with more friends, checking out the scene. Telling stories with my friend from SD.
12:30 -1:45 am - Good times, but not to much of a memory, I racked up a $100.00 bar tab-Now I'm saying WTF.

I'm a drunken-rowdy mess, the club was closing, & we were getting kicked out. Now were outside, & I'm hanging on to my friends neck probably choking her. And you know when you are drunk you are like dead weight & I'm surely not the skinniest girl, lets keep it real I'm pretty dam thick....lol. So its was probably more like a headlock. I then proceeded to sit on my other two friends lap, talking all kinds of random-ness. Found out the next day she video taped the whole thing. Had to beg her not to post it. Finally we are leaving the club on our way to the car. I couldn't drive I was way too wasted.

So we began to make our way home, and about 15 minutes into the ride, I was done. I had already cursed out my room-mate (for who knows what reason). Then I proceeded to throw up all over my car door because when your drunk you have no concept of aim and I only made about half of it out the window. All over myself & it was bad. When we made it home I was then stripping out of my clothes in the parking garage, riding in my building's elevator in only a bra, leggings & my hot ass boots. Note its like 2:45am and my room-mate is home and cracking up at me, because I then proceed to curse her out some more. This is all a blur to me, I dont remember any of it.

I wake up Sunday morning with my hair in a towel, I don't even remember taking a shower. Huge hangover, I was suppose to meet all my besties for a champagne brunch at 9:30 am thank goodness it was only like 8:30 am. I was still drunk, in an effort to somewhat sober up, I ate a bean & cheese burrito. Lets just end this with, never drink so much, that you have to where sun glasses the next morning in a restaurant. I didn't even want to see alcohol. Had to do the walk of shame with all my girls. So not the business. FYI, I never get this drunk maybe like once every 3 years, and of course this reminds me why.

So can I say good times, HELL yes, but dam did I pay the price. Hope you loved this drunken mess of a dose of vixxx.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Office Holiday Party

I'm just gonna call this my favorite people watching experience thus far. We had our office party on Thursday night at one of our agents house, which is too amazing for words. We had about 40-50 people throughout the night come in & out. It was much better than last year in terms who people who actually came out. But my theme for this party will be Don't be apart of the DRUNKEN ELITE! We will get into that later though.

Let me share the positive attributes before I share the hysterical ones. Starting with My Blog is a huge hit around my office. I won the office blog award, which is awesome, I wasn't even trying. I have people coming up from all over the place telling me, they truly enjoy my blog. Thanks so much for the support, you inspire me to write more and more. Also one of my favorite agents, who I will call my Blogging Mentor, gave me some great feed back on some writing skills. J, notes are taken, How am I doing? Great party all in all, people had lots of fun & got to let loose. Some a little too loose, which brings me to the hysterical moments. Since I am somewhat respectful of people's drunken messes, I wont mention any names, just the funny shit you do, & we can all learn what not to do in the future.

1. Don't Straddle your boss-like your giving him a lap dance unless your looking for job security.
2. Don't tell your Boss you have his name tattooed across your ass, & then proceed to bend over, & say it real slow or stretched out.
3. Don't tell your employee you will lick there cold sore. YUCK!!!!
4. Don't be the stripper, be the pole. (if you have to be one of them)
5. Don't take pictures of your crotch or anything else of that sort.
6. Don't disappear with another co-worker/boss for longer than 15 minutes & them come back wiping off your mouth. Your giving off the wrong vibe. LMAO
7. Don't Flash anyone, it will come back to bite you in the ass later.
8. Don't tell everyone or bet people that you will come into work tomorrow wearing no pants, further more always wear some type of pants to work.
9. Don't tell your co-workers that you own a rabbit, unless it really is a rabbit.
10. Pay attention to what you wear. People will be taking pictures.
11. Don't get stuck in the corner with the Rambler, you know the person who never shuts up.
12. Don't follow the HOT GIRL around all night, you look like a puppy dog.
13. Don't hit on the young girls in the office if your married, hell even if your single, because you will look like a molester.
14. Don't use your cleavage as a storage unit.
15. Don't spill your drinks - PARTY FOUL, major points deducted for this one.

In closing DON'T BE APART OF THE DRUNKEN ELITE! Its not the club you want to be in. I hope this helps anyone else who has Holiday parties left to go to. Or at least will help you for next year.

Just another Dose of Vixxx! Lesbian Club tonight, that should be interesting. Also going to hang out with My best girlfriends on sunday. Not like my partner, but like my besties.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Annual Staff Dinner

Lets get the party started right. Well on Wednesday night we had our annual staff party. Which for the most part worked out OK. We usually go out & bitch, complain & tell funny stories about the office life. You know typical staff stuff, everyone has always got a story about some DUMASS~! However this year we had all the staff from all the offices come to the main office. Pizza, beer & Wine (who could ask for more, trust me they can....lol). We thought there was going to be more wine drinkers, then beer drinkers....again wrong. So we has a small shortage of beer, and no one brought wine, but big dog R to the rescue, he has like 12 bottles in his office, not sure why...(but he's not an alcoholic).

We had a Secret Santa gift exchange, we used that E-vite thing so no one would no who got who. (Because in previous years, we always tell each other) Guess what no surprise here, almost everyone knew this year too. Big mouths here I guess or Maybe no one likes surprises anymore. Well we had to do a little detective work because a few people ended up with out gifts. (What the hell people) We ended up working it out in the end. When ever your doing a secret gift exchange it could be deadly, but thanks to my great efforts, we didn't do that dumb ass white elephant game. I truly hate that game, because you know every office has a cheap ass, who buys their gifts at the 99 cent store, & knowing my luck, I will get the dam banana holder thing. I'm sorry I'm not trying to be mean peeps, but when you set a limit or $25.00, it doesn't mean spend $10.00 it means don't spend more than $25.00 if possible.

Besides the usual whispers, gossip & (secret) talking it worked out OK. I don't know about you, but I have the personality to be honest. Anything I say behind someones back, I have no problem saying it to their faces. I learned this at an earlier age, better to not say anything unless you have the balls to say it out loud. I think everyone should have to own up to it, or at least keep their mouths shut. We would probably have a much better world if we did. But then again, that would leave no drama right?

All in all people, we got through the night, no amazingly crazy fights to talk about, but we did have some wild dancing on tables & a few catty moments. But I have to say, I had the best gift ever. Thanks to my secret Santa, I got this bad ass frame, that's says Live Love Laugh. One of my faves....(its already hanging in my hallway, but she had it kind of easy, I'm registered for my house warming coming up.) Better to get someone something they want, then something they will re-gift.

Well that's it for now, I kind feel like I've bombarded you with Work stuff, so I will take a break for a minute & write about the office party later. I have a busy weekend coming up. Lesbian Club on Saturday, Woot Woot, shot out to Club Caution, love ya bitches! I need a nite out with the ladies!

Thanks for listening, hope you enjoyed today's Dose of Vixxx.

Backround on my office

First, I promised you I would talk about my DRAMA-RAMA work place. Its actually not that bad, but at times it can get there. Well a little backround for ya. I work at a prestigious Real Estate Firm called, EASIR (just in case there are stalkers reading, im not gonna put the whole name out there)in the beautiful city of Calabasas you know where all the famous people live. Big ups to all my EASIR fan's who support my blog. YOU ROCK! Well we are defintly the high end of Real Estate, but we dabble in the other stuff too, all the agents love our office for the coffee j/k & the staff.

So as I was saying.... Real Estate Firm, your probalby thinking one of two things,

1st thought, wow she must make lots of money, & drive a BMW or a BENZ. (side note: Not everyone who works is Real Estate is a Baller, there are a few elite individuals who actually live up to the stero type, most of us just get by or fake it till we do.)
2nd thought, dam she must be broke, because Real Estate has been struggling lately especailly with all the Forclosures. Well lets be honest, its been a very tough road, the past two years for our industry, but only the dedicated surive. Thankfully I work for a great company (Go R & E, your awesome) that totally supports there agents and has helped everyone ride out this horrible recession. (DAM YOU... AGENTS GET TO WORK).

But another suprise, I actually work for the company as an employee. However I do have my brokers license (woot woot), & have been a licensed agent for like 5 years. I havent sold much, well anything in the last few years, but you never know what 2010 will bring. I'm actually an a administrator at the office....not the office bitch, get it straight that's (S's) job....lol. For the most part I am loved & appreciated by the agents at my office, They find a common knowledge in me I guess, what the hell, I know my shit, what can I say (Don't Hate...hahahaha). Again Loved by most, hated by few (Screw you the few). Now on to the co-workers.

Well I work in the Main/Corporate office with the two owners of the company (R&E) + like 8 other staff members, plus 2 assistants that are pretty much staff but they are not on my bosses payroll. (Oh we also have the 60+ agents, but only like 15 come in a week, got to love the realtor's schedule.) We have 3 offices all together. I have this huge office it makes me feel super important (note I said feel). Ok onto the Great people, (The Prez) R is a laid back guy, very young at heart. Who has lost his sense of Sensors when he talks to us. (Which is great & hysterical all at the same time). Sometimes I wish he was harder on some people, but its his company I only work here. He let us finish off the year in Jeans (Major bonus points).

Then there is the E (Vp/The Lawyer) who is awesome, He tells it like it is, Cursing people out & make no apologies for his agressive personality, a typical lawyer type. Ok well he is a big softy at heart & sometimes says sorry. (Probally gonna be a little mad about what I say, but I get the honesty from you E) Oh & he always hooks me up with tickets to games...OH YEAH BABY, great seats all the time. I will get more into the rest of the staff people as time goes on. With the crazy stories they bring on. But just to give it a quick run down we are seperated like this, The Bosses (Big Dogs), The Admin's (I'm in this group,) The Escrow Chicks, The Marketing Peeps, The Assistants, & of course the AGENTS.

Well we all know when ever you work in an office enviroment, there are always rumors, shit talking, & everything else that comes with the terriorty. So you need to come back & read more later. I was suppose to blog about the staff party, but this one was already too long, so check it out again tomorrow for the staff party.

Hope you enjoyed todays dose of Vixxx.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My New Place & Roommate

So I moved into my new place on Dec. 1st this year. I wanted to be ready for new beginnings come Jan. 1st. I needed to be closer to my job, the gas was killing me. I went from being like 23 miles one way to about 12 miles away. I did something totally out of the norm for myself. I rented a super cute townhouse, with a friend from the Lesbian Scene. You might say why is this out of the norm, well I usually tend to keep my home life separate from my party life. Usually because it can become a huge problem. You know if you get one of those roommates that never want to stop partying, having random peeps at your house, all hours of the night. Then your stuff starts coming up missing. I'm not down with all that. However the biggest reason is most of the time for these type of people, Partying comes before paying your bills. AND THAT'S A MAJOR PROBLEM, For me.

However, I lucked out dramatically, My new roomie is awesome. I get the best of both worlds with her. For starters, she is very responsible, I don't have to chase her down for the rent or to help with groceries...etc....etc. She comes to me with her cash in hand & it seems like almost everyday she is contributing to the household food. On the other great side, she is super fun to hang with, she is a DJ at night at all the greatest spots. She is a few years younger than me, so its great because she keeps me young, but exhausting cuz, I'm getting old, I can only pull all nighters like twice a year.....LOL.

What I love about her most, is she has a big heart. She truly is a sweetie, however than tends to make her the ideal Ladies Lady. This must sound so weird to all my straight friends, you know what I mean, like a lady's man. (LMAO as I'm writing this) Any who, again she is young, 22 to be exact, & a DJ in the hottest lesbian see around, so her theme song these days is YOUR NOT GONNA TIE ME DOWN. (Sorry Hun if I'm putting you on blast, just keeping it real).

What can I say, It's going to be interesting to say the least. We already had our first wake up session talking about the wild weekend we had. Lets just say, it involved a lot of crazy Lesbo's, alcohol, & fighting, ending up with the streets blocked off by the cops, & me sleeping in my car until the drama died down.

More exciting stories to come. Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoyed today's dose.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Why Vixxx's daily dose

Ok, so this is officially my first blog. I'm super excited because I have wanted to write one for-----EVVVVEEEEER. With all the drama & B.S. that goes on at my office, to my crazy Lesbian life, to my personal life with my family & my relationships. Just a place to vent & release I guess!! I have been told by quite a few people that I should write a book about my life. Well maybe more about my experiences, cuz, dam have I had some, that's for sure.

My blog is not going to be about things for others exactly, more like a show & tell, so you can remember how sane your life is, or maybe just for a good laugh. There might be a few useful things along the way, you never know. Alright since it's my first one, I will break down who I am for ya.

I'm a 26 year old Femme Lesbian, (Yes that means no dudes) who for the most part truly has my shit together. Currently dating, (we will get into that drama in another entry). I tend to be a work Alcoholic , but I just call it hard-working. Sometimes they call me a Jamaican (no offense to anyone, just because they have a lot of jobs). I am super independent, been on my own since I was 18. I am a very ambitious individual (hence the hard working part), who is extremely kind hearted, giving & sweet. Although they don't call me Vixen for nothing, I do have a naughty side. We will elaborate later on this subject. I work at a Real Estate office &, in a nutshell that is a whole other drama in it self.

I have two younger brothers, one is gay he is 23 years old, with a bad attitude most of the time, but doesn't take any one's BS & keeps it real all day long. (I admire him for that) Yeah I guess my parents didn't luck out with 2 gay kids, but hell they have one more. The other younger brother is a straight 18 year old.....On his way to being a baby daddy to one of these girls he dates. Oh & I forgot to mention, he is not the daddy of the babies, just wants to fill in for the dead beats that took off on this girls, The fixer type. Yes I know sweet right, not really, he needs to take care of him, before anyone else.

I Love my parents so very much they have been married for 26 years. (They inspire me that relationships can last a life time, but they are hard work). They have one of those typical Love/Hate Relationships, you know the one's where they cant leave each other because you love each other, but cant stand each other so you fight all the Effin time. (LOL) Yeah so in recent years, I have become there marriage counselor via phone, because they all live in another state. (Sorry but thanks goodness for that one).

This is just your first dose, my next one, will get into my New place & roommate.

More to come with my wild lesbian friends & life, the drama in my love life, & of course My crazy co-workers & office drama. Stay tuned.

Thanks for listening......Vixxx