Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Catch-up Blog

Hello Hello out there, I'm still here, just been having writers block like a mutha #@$%...So I decided to just write about all the things that have happened since my last blog. Sadly to say I can sum each month up in a paragraph or 2 for each month. Talk about boring right. So world please send me some interesting shit to write about. Sure I could BS and write random stories but I haven't had anything spark my interest enough.

February - Hmmmm was slightly stressed while I planned my Bff's baby shower, but I was able to get through it. Excited about new opportunities at work that were coming in March. Got my Dog Blu, which is hella crazy because I'm not a dog lover (True story), but hey she keeps me company, and makes my heart happy. I think almost every person I knew thought I fell an bumped my head, and I think they were honestly concerned for the dog. ROFLMAO, just because I don't like pets doesn't mean I will kill them. Hello peopleI am now an official Pet/House sitter. Went out this month for the first time in a long effin time. So much fun, Me & the Mare Bear went out to Club Juicy for the grand opening, & to Celebrate our Friend Slax's Bday. Good times, got Mare super drunk, she was dead for like the next 2 days (sorry babe i<3 U). Reminds me of the good old days when I was single again. Awwwwwwww so precious makes me smile all over again. Seeing her the next day, was priceless. Dam girly what did we drink is all I could think, that dam shot messed us up. (Note to self only by the bday girl shots if were already drinking them....otherwise were gonna be paying for more than a shot). Well she was down for the count at the club, I made it home, with a slight hangover the next day, granted she doesn't ever party anymore, so I would have a better advantage but hey it had been quite awhile since I partied, thats for sure hence the long delay of blogging updates.

March - New beginnings at work........not so true.....well we shall see I say. Now I'm focused on planning a dinner for HB's Bday, and finishing all the planning for the Bff's baby shower. Oh Yeah I like to Party. The HB's dinner ended up being great thanks to all our friends who came out, we actually headed over to HB's favorite spot, the always classy Candy Cat.....(I'm joking in case your unsure...lol) All our friends came out to shoot some pool, cheap drinks, and good times, we definitely don't go for the half naked chicks, because truthfully their so not the business. (This will later turn into a regular Lesbian hang out, see the coming months). The party then continued onto our casa, a bunch of our lesbo buddies came over & drank some more. They played rock band until like 6am you dam crazy tweakers, all spaced out. Oh and everyone tried to beat Kid & her one freaking move on the Mortal Combat vs DC game. Fucking batman mofo. (LOL, sorry babe had to put that in there for HB & Slax). Meanwhile Sandy decided to turn my staircase into her very own private slide. Sandy woke up with the meanest case of rug burn she has ever had. (Poor her it wasn't even from wild sex, but it was a wild ride.) All this was going on, and I the wild and crazy little vixen that I am was fast asleep on top of my kitchen table. (Yes what a loser...I was living the life...roflmao) Well as the sun rose I found that 4 of our friends ended up spending the night, we woke up the next day....well like a few hours later & in the same clothes as the night before and pj's went to my favorite lil Mexican Seafood spot. It was also Raining the hardest its ever rained in the past 2 or 3 years combined. (random for cali, just saying we could have swam home seriously.) We laughed so much, I though they were gonna roll our asses out, but they didn't.

Now onto the Baby shower, almost at the end of the month, we had the baby shower for the bff at the El Torito, it went so perfectly. First & foremost thanks to everyone who helped & everyone who gave a gift, its very much appreciated. (Note: To all who are confused about how much to spend on a gift. If your going to a restaurant and the person is paying for your meal, please be sure to give a gift that at the very least matches what they are spending to feed you. LMFAO, Don't be ghetto, with a 99 cent gift just saying).

April - More like April fools sucka, your still not getting a raise at work. (Fucking economy right, well its 10 times worst in Real Estate peeps). Found out they are postponing our pay increases until the market starts to heat up (So im thinking summer loving). So I ask myself this question: Who loves to bust their ass and work non-stop and NOT get rewarded? Answer: Hand raised HIGH me with a big old DUMB ASS written across my forehead. LOL I'm just kidding I love my JOB (Hello its like my whole life) and my Bosses (They rock and its not their fault), and even all the crazies I work with (you know who you are....actually you probably don't but this is a quick catch up blog I don't have enough time to list emh all (LMAO). Its worth the wait for the raise right? Well I hope it is.... imagine its a freaking quarter raise...WTF I'm gonna jinx myself. Note to self make sure my bosses still love me. LOL

May - FYI this is gonna be a long one, for more reasons than one, but mainly because its the current month & my memory serves me best FRESH. LOL. (I'm gonna break this month down into paragraphs because I got lots to say).

Cinco De Mayo/Casino night party at work, so excited I worked so hard putting it all together. I was mainly excited, because the last one we had was a few years ago, and me and the BFF got pretty drunk (This was prior to her becoming a prego lady obviously), we had to get driven home by one of our office Title Reps (Thx Allen). GOOD TIMES! So the day arrives, I had the HB's mom's amazing Mexican food & her awesome Casino Cake. The gambler peeps were all set up, we had some great prizes up for the raffle. I was ready to let loose and enjoy the great night I put together. Dam it all to hell that's not what happened at all. I had to play hostess all night & help entertain everyone. I got to play Craps for a short while & can you believe it I only had 2 freaking beers all night. And you all know that's nothing for me. Oh and I had probably had the most money at the end of the night, and I was so excited to turn it in for raffle tickets. But then my freaking boss drops the bomb on me, that Staff can't win the prizes. WTF I was gunning for the IPAD2 peeps. So all of this and I Still had to stay and clean up afterwards. Big thanks to everyone who stayed and helped me and Jess clean up. J-dawg my co-pilot, your such a trooper, you make all my work journey's fun.

WhyNotInk Tattoo's 1 year anniversary was a major success I can only say that I am so proud of my cousin, & it just goes to show that Karma does come back around. Good things do come to those who truly deserve it. My Cousin John is one of the most selfless, generous, kind-hearted, talented people I know. Congrats cousin on a successful first year of business at your shop. You have hand picked a great group of artists with such diverse personalities but they mix so well together. The perfect family, I love emh all. So if you haven't checked the shop out yet, please come by they are located in Mission Hills (Sepulveda & Chatsworth), or check out their website www.whynotinktattoo.com you can also find them on facebook. To all of my friends that came out to support the event thanks again, you all ROCK!

Drum roll please were onto the biggest news yet, so my bff finally left work on maternity leave on May 13Th, the day before the 1year anniversary for Why Not Ink, so I was hoping and praying she didn't have the baby that day, because I was working the event for the shop. Lucky me she didn't pop that day, she freaking actually held it in until the 19Th. My beautiful nephew Andrew William Torres was born, 8 lbs 2 ounces and 21 inches long. Congrats to my BFF Rach and he amazing hubby Hugo. I have so much to say about this, I have just decided it should be a blog of its own.

OMG I almost forgot, the Whynotink Bowling party. Im a pretty freaking decent bowler, the more beer I drink the more strikes I throw. Yeah buddy, I think I'm gonna join the team and play in the league. What do you know, I said I was told everyone I was gonna bust my kingpin moves on them sucka's and I sure did I beat everyone on m game. Ok ok enough bragging my score was like a 140. I know this probably sucks in professional bowling leagues, but not at the Whynotink party. Woot Woot. Oh and after this at midnight we went to watch Hangover 2, I was ummmm way too drunk, fell asleep and was snoring at the theater after I was making a complete ass out of myself, saying were going to bangCOCK like 1000 times, and not to mention I was talking to all the random peeps around us. Capital LOSER dude.

So I will say the baby Andrew blog will be great with tons of funny stuff (I haven't really been around a baby in like umm 20 years when my lil bro was a baby.. so I hope you enjoyed this Semi yearly dose of Vixxx and I promise to write again soon.