Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moments in Life

So I'm house sitting again, and today is my last night at my beach getaway. As I was driving home from a very exciting day at the office, I was listening to one of my favorite artist's of the moment. Nicki Minaj & my Love Drake. In one of their songs, the Lyrics say

" I wish that I could have this moment 4 life, 4 life, 4 life Cause In this moment, i just feel so alive, alive, alive"

So I got to thinking about some incredible moments in my life, I needed to take some time to talk about a few of them, it seem's to go with the theme of today.

First and Foremost, I want to Congratulate my sis from another mis..... Audrie & her Hubby David on their new baby girl today. Jan. 25th 2011, Ms. Amaya Heather was born, and she is beautiful. Her big brother Baby D, aka Day Day welcomed her into their perfect little family with open arms. Congratulations again to my friends, cutest little family ever. I am once again a proud Auntie!

So now im gonna take it way back when, to some of the moments that have made an incredible impact on me.

When I was 7 years old my parents decided to get sober. For most kids this might not be such an intense moment, but my parents were drug addicts when I was younger. They were always great parents but like all parents they made mistakes along the way. So when they got Sober, it was a huge turning point in mine and my first little brother's life. Then shortly after my 2nd little brother was born. Great news! However at the same time my Mom got some very difficult news. I was about 9 years old and my Mom was diagnosed with Cancer. My Hero was wounded, It was hard to understand at such a young age, but I did everything I could to help my mom get better. I took a very advanced role in raising my brothers. This... I guess will make sense later when I talk about when I realized I didn't want kids. My mom has continued to fight cancer, for the past 19 years. I admire her strength, and courage to not give up. I love you MOM. I love my family, even as crazy as they drive me. I love them so much I just got their Bday's tatted on me in roman numerals. II.V.XVI.XXVI

Another huge moment, was when I first kissed a girl we have talked about that a few times so I'm not going to go into too may details but I will say it was such a crazy night, I made out with one of my friends, & then had to walk home from her house. It was like a 10 mile walk at like 4 am, and some crazy weird crack head guy walked me home. Random I know......lol

The first time I fell in love, talked about it already, so again im not going to go into too much.

The first time I had my heart broken. Well I guess its happened twice now, but one was far worst then the other. I have the this big heart and when I fall for someone, I always give them all of me. I lose my self in the love that I have with them. I never imagine the breakup, the last really bad one I had, changed me forever. Makes me never want to fall for someone again. But I will say that when your so in love that you can jump in eyes wide shut, its amazing, and I will never forget that feeling or that moment ever. But of course the breakup was very bad and I wont ever forget the pain I was put through either.

The great times I have had with my friends over the years are priceless, those are some of my best moments ever. I truly can say that I have a special place in my heart for all of those incredible moments that I have shared with them. From when I was a young teenager pimpin rides to the Arena with my friend F. To when I was ditching school for Dp's or sneaking out to go party with my party crew. I have had a wild ride with them all, and that was just in High School.

The saddest moment in my life, which has made me a better person, a stronger person was losing my best friend to Cancer. The say what doesn't kill us only make us stronger. That is so freaking true. She made me realize life is too short not to enjoy it.I don't want to sit back and watch everyone else enjoy it. I want to get out there and live every moment. Besides in the end, its the moments in our life that make it all worth living. They are what tell the great story about us. I want to have an incredible story to be talked about for years. Thank you Heather for inspiring me to be incredible.

My College Years, well I'm giggling as I write this because its funny to think of all the shit we use to get into. We would party Wednesday through Sunday and would load up on coffee to make our morning classes, plus I was working like 3 jobs. We went to foam parties, lingere parties, even frat parties. I think my favorite was probably this one club we use to always go to. It was called Club Flirt and yes it was a straight club. (not lame though, promise lmao), and it was all the way out in Artesia, yeah we had some hilarious nights with that one. But some things are better left unsaid. LMAO. During this time we would also go to a lot of Tea Parties, which is basically a gay party. AND no we don't drink Tea.....LMFAO.

Best weekend with my girls ever had to be A's bachlorette weekend. The Roof The roof is on fire. Becky and Carlene, to Kevin Little, and Fat Joe, Lean back, Lean Back.....do the rockaway. My girls know what im talking about. These were just some of the incidents in Vegas. Wow it was probably one of my best trips ever. We tore up the dance floors, out drank the bars, and danced for cab fare, and got kicked out of Casino's its like the girl version of the hangover. Priceless for sure!

After the breakup partying, I moved out and had to stay busy so I wouldn't dwell on being heartbroken So I would have poker nights, where I would hustle people's money. Then sunday night dinners with friends who would come over and we would all take turns cooking, which usually rolled over to monday hang overs & call out of work days. Then we were forever at Gloss, Envy, Truckstop, CATWALK and every other poppin gay party. I was quite reckless for awhile, but it passed and I have settled way down but thanks to my partner in crime MB for all the laughs and wild nights. Including the lollypop night....Hands over face lol.

Now I have the occasional Lesbian nights with my regular lesbian coupled friends, but don't get me wrong they are still hell of wild. We all have game nights where we basically drink and get wasted, a few times, I got a little to crazy and ended up making out with some of my friends GF's and wifey's. However it was not instigated by me. LOL im innocent I swear. Dilligaf.

The great moments with the roomies pretty much inspired me to start writing my blog and have always been tons of fun.

Now Im wondering, since im getting older.... about my future great moments, im excited to travel again, I wonder if I will ever fall deeply in love again, I wonder if I will ever climb the mountain that I want to. I wonder about where my career is going to take me. So many things, I cant wait for them to happen, so stay tuned for future doses of Vixx, that will have more good, bad, and of course ugly to follow. xoxo Vixxx

Friday, January 7, 2011

House Sitting

Lets start at the beginning. So about a year ago or so a friend/co-worker asked me if I wanted to start house sitting with her. Like start a business, and I was like hell yes. Who wouldn't want to stay in beautiful houses & get paid for it. (But then the biatch up and left me for school...dam lil heffer) So I myself have to admit I'm not a huge pet lover, but believe it or not, pets have kind of grown on me. Well I guess its easy to watch someone Else's pets for a short while. I myself am far too busy to have one of my own. But if I did have one, I would have to go with a English Bulldog. They are absolutely adorable.

OK, So the different houses I have watched.

My Bosses High Rise Condo at the Marina is done to the 9's as they sale in real estate. He has this gorgeous 2 Bedroom 2.5 Bathroom condo that over looks the Marina. The building itself is amazing, they have a roof top jacuzzi & Sky lounge, huge pool with private cabana's, fire pits, BBQ Grills, plus and outdoor gym. The building is an artist's paradise, every floor features different famous artist paintings. From the moment you drive up there is 24 hour Valet parking, Concierge, and my favorite, this beautiful waterfall. This is my home away from home, because I stay there the most. Inside his house, there must be a flat screen in every room, its funny because I don't really think he watches that much TV but hey it looks cool. Wall to Wall windows for amazing views of the Marina. Extremely comfortable bed, I almost hate to leave because I sleep like I'm in Heaven on it. LOL its true. He has the rain like shower, that's the bomb too! I have to take care of 2 Kitties for him, Jeff (who looks like he should be called fluffy, because he is huge & white & of course fluffy) He is sick, poor lil guy have to give him a pill twice a day, so he doesn't have a seizure. Then there is fluffy ... really his name is fluffy, its kind of confusing at first...lol. But like most cats, they pretty much take care of them selves, so its easy work.

My Co-workers Cute Apt. She has a very adorable 2 bedroom apt in the artist district in North Hollywood. Her bed is huge, I swear you could probably fit like 6 regular size people in it, or possibly 3 like 300 pound people. Well the weird thing about it is her and her boyfriend are models, so there very tiny people, you could probably fit like 10 of them in there....lol. She has 2 doggies I watch, Ruka (not sure of the spelling) & Harley. Ruka is a little tea cup Maltese who loves to play, and Harley is a Jack Russel terrier. Tons of fun, they let me rent movies on demand. Oh & I absolutely am in love with their couches, they are so freaking comfortable. Especially because I have the most annoying couches ever, but they were free so I cant complain too much. (Sorry for anyone who sleeps over, they suck to sleep on for sure. I'm talking legs hanging off the edge, even if you are only like 4 feet tall......roflmao.

My Bosses GF's Townhouse at the Beach. This one is the ultimate so far, she literally lives on the beach. I wake up to people walking around on the beach, running exercising, its beautiful to watch the sunset at night. she has this enormous spa tub, then a separate dual headed shower, plus a bidet. (For those of you who don't know what a bidet is, its the cool toilet that washes your booty...lol) She has 2 dogies & I watch my bosses doggie as well. Gidget is playful as ever, actually she doesn't give up, then their is her other dog Sophie. She is very quiet & relaxed, until you take her out on a walk & there is other stranger dogs around. Then she's got a whole lot of bark in her. Then of course their is the cutie pie Peanut my bosses pride & joy, our office mascot. He is cute & cuddly until it comes time for food, he will bark you out until he gets his low sodium turkey. I would go back there faster then my heart could beat, its kind of far, but its my secret paradise.

So far those are the main one's more to follow in the future....I'm sure you were looking for some Juicy details of some wild nights I had or some dirty secrets, but you are all nasty & dirty minded. I behave at other people's houses, I do my naughty stuff in my own house lmao. Hope you enjoyed my secret getaway dose of Vixx.

Happy New Year's Everyone, we shall see what 2011 will bring for me & for the blog. Thanks for reading as always!