Monday, March 29, 2010

March Madness Part 2

Saint Patrick's Day is the day before my best friends birthday, so we decided to go out to a couple of local bars to celebrate. Mainly because we wanted to be out & about at midnight to sing Happy birthday! We got all dressed up in our green clothes & went to our first pub, had to pay to get in, no biggie, the problem was, this bar could barely fit about 100, maybe 125 people in it. We had no ideal there was already like 150 in there. OH HELL to the NO, we couldn't even make it to the bar, because there was so many people in the dam place. NO BUENO!

So on to the next spot, long story short every single place was like that, we ended up going back to my friends house, drinking beers, & having a blast. My birthday bestie was wasted way to early! Best part of the night, we started playing our own game show version of buzz in. We would be asked random questions about movies, or songs, or about our own history and then you had to say DING (to buzz in), lmao and if you were first you could answer. So now its official when ever were together what ever the topic is, we say put your Dinger hand up (LOL). I love those girls so much, & their hubbies are tons of fun as well.

The next day (Funny story coming) I ended up being way to hung over couldn't make it to work. Some how I got convinced to go to a Dog beach (FYI, I am not an animal lover), what can I say she pulled the best friend card on me. "That's my job dam it" Any who we drove to Leo Carrillo with my best friends too big ass horse dogs, (well to be honest there labs, but I swear their big enough to ride like horses). Well we get these 2 crazies onto their leashes & she gives me the more relaxed dog. We take them down onto the beach, start to walk on the sand, & I'm texting on my blackberry, the dog was annoyed I guess. He starts to jump on me, so I decide to put my phone away. At this very moment another dog & their owner comes down the hill onto the beach, & the dog jumps out at them. This effin dog pulls me from standing position to a straight belly flop onto the sand. WTF, then keeps pulling me across the sand, basically people I ate sand. To top it all off, my best friend was loving every second. I was hung over getting pulled by a dog through the dam sand, So not the day for me.

Next onto Club Caution, had a great time once again in a new location with all my Caution peeps. Sunday BBQ at the homie's house was interesting to say the least. We played flip a cup, and I sucked at the beginning but got good at the end. OH YEAH BABY! Back to work in the promoting scene again, went out Friday night to check out a new spot for our follow up Club Karma event on April 11Th. Well lets see, it was a cool place, but I couldn't help but notice there was so many weird things going on there. For starters the place turns into an after hours spot, so you know that means everyone comes on some shit lol. Got to watch my best friend party like it was 1999....still lmao on that one, But it was a pretty cool location all in all.

Did some shelf shopping on Saturday (sounds weird I know) but its for a ridiculous DVD collection that was in my room. Then met up with my besties for dinner & drinks, which then turned into more drinks at another restaurant, then more drinks at a bar, and then to one of their houses and then home, to en emotional roller coaster. (Wow I must sound like an alcoholic) Missed out on Game night because I got to drunk with the besties.

My love life is still just as crazy as ever, every time I make decisions to be happy for me, I end up hurting someone, If not hurting myself in the process. Defining the balance of your happiness with someone Else's is really hard at times. What's sad is its not suppose to be. We all know relationships are work, they are not effortless, but they should not be so hard either. I wish that I could be the perfect person that everyone wants me to be, but I have my flaws too,(or what ever you want to call them) I'm sorry for that but I am only human, no one is perfect. I had to make some grown up decisions yesterday, I hope they will only bring a more happy future with a lot less drama in my love life.

"All I can do is hope for this, because in love & life there are no guarantee's"

That's gonna top off all of the March Madness for this dose of Vixxx. I hope you enjoyed the stories & know there are always more to come in the next dose of Vixxx! Oh & I'm sure I will be talking about Dinah in the next one!

Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness

What a way to start off the month CLUB KARMA was a huge success, yay so excited because we worked our asses off for it. We had tons of fun, I worked the door most of the night with the help of my babe even on her B-day, what a champ! We had like 6 different dj's through out the night. In the main room we had Lady Kate start the night off, & she is adorable. Such a sweetheart & great to work with. Then we had my infamous roomie Dj Les tearing it up on the turntables, and she was MC'ing the whole night. (I See U LES) hahaha. Then we finished with the ultra sexy Dj Lezlee, the hottest shorty in town. I luv U babe, thanks a million! Then We had Dj Karl & a bunch of his friends spinning in the private VIP room! It was awesome to see all our friends come out & support, but it was really cool to see so many new faces. Can't wait for next month! April 11th, its going down baby!

But ooooohhhhh let me tell you, I have never been so happy to stay in for a few nights in my life, lol! But that was only for this past week. Now back out to bigger & better things. So I started this new part time admin job for some extra cash, because why not right? Well it has been quite a challenge for me to add this to my plate of the million things I already balance. But I always love a challenge, and always into pushing myself to the limits!

So I am usually late all the time, & payback is a Biatch..... let me elaborate. I usually don't get to clubs before 11pm. I stay late as hell at work all the time, so I try not to be there before 9am mainly because its a miracle if I leave before 8pm. Yes I'm a workaholic people. Any who the point to this story is, I planned a birthday dinner and I planned it at 6:30, because I know everyone is casually late. So I figured we would actually start at 7pm.

So the restaurant wouldn't take reservations so I had to be there half an hour early just to make sure we got our table for 15 people. Well believe it or not, I was there at 6:30 to reserve the table. Well long story short everyone was effin late, they all got there at like 8pm, like I said payback is a Biatch. I was all dressed up with bags of presents, sitting in a packed ass lobby by myself, what a loser right? Anywho, once the guest of honor arrived & then shortly after all of the other guests it turned out to be a great dinner with friends. We laughed our asses off for sure. Thanks to the hysterical Slax!

So the one thing I hate, is when you try so hard to get the perfect gift for someone, and that someone doesn't like it or appreciate it. Or even worse returns it, WTF, that's why I generally do gift cards, because I hate it when people give me some random ass gift, and then im like what am I going to do with this. REGIFT!!!! j/k, Well here I am again, I took the time to get the perfect gifts, and guess what happened, she returned all but one. Horrible right, I was pretty pist but I got over it. Oh well shit happens.

This is just the first half of my March Madness Dose, I got so much more to tell, it was my Bff's bday, Saint Patrick's Day, Club Caution, Love Life Experiences, I will write really soon part 2 of my March Madness, but for now here's the latest dose of Vixxx