Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Week Left till Club Karma

Wow, so in my last blog I announced that I had ventured into the club hosting business and that I would probably be super exhausted from all the promoting I would be doing. Sure enough I was right, I already work like 10-12 hours daily Monday through Friday. Now I have added promoting Thursday through Sunday to my plate. Being a promoter is not all fun & games that's for sure. I envy the people who have a real job like myself & still do the promotions thing, But Networking is key baby!

So its officially one week from our event & we have hit up countless clubs & passed out a good 1500 flyer's still got about 1500 more to pass out. I'm excited to see how it turns out. Thanks again to all of our friends & supporters your peeps are amazing. On a whole other side note, I'm super excited to wear my sexy new dress I bought for the event. I got some banging ass stiletto heals to strut. WOOOhoooo gonna be looking like a lil Vixen for sure!!!

Update on ME: My Love life has actually gotten a little better, they say good things come to those who wait, well I've been waiting & finally I'm starting to get some rewards out of it. Koolaid smiles all across my face. I'm even more excited to know that some time this week I'm gonna get some more of my tattoo on my shoulder worked on. This has been a long time coming. Picked up a new networking job on Tuesday's which seems to be a great move for me. What else?

Well that's all I can think of for now, I will get back again soon with more. Hope you enjoyed my latest dose of Vixxx. Thanks for reading.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Club Karma

It's official, I am adding yet another thing to the list of the many things I do. Well my roomie & I have recently ventured into hosting our very own Gay & Lesbian Club in the Valley. So I thought it would be great to blog about how very excited I am.

We found an amazing, super sexy location, which is in the heart of Studio City. We have a bunch of A-list dj's lined up for our opening night. Got mad sponsorships from a radio station, to all different promoters in the scene. Thank you to everyone for supporting the event. My roomie is just as hard working as I am, so thanks to her for all her love & support in our new adventure. Taking the scene by storm baby!

We are starting off small, but hope to grow within time. Our first event is Sunday March 7th, and then we are gonna be on a regular every first sunday of the month schedule. Yikes I know, I'm gonna have to take mondays off...LOL. We are gonna be hitting up all the regular spots over the next month and a half promoting, so I'm probably gonna be pretty tired. But i'm excited to see how it all turns out.

Stay posted for my future blogs on Club Karma. Thanks for listening to my very brief NEWS FLASH version dose of Vixxx.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend

Let me start off by saying ladies & gentleman, I was not that interested in the super bowl. I could have cared less who one the game. LMAO I was thinking more about it being Kim Kardashian's BF vs Kendra Basket's Hubby. "ROFLMAO" The only bet I made was on what color the Gatorade was, you know when who ever wins, they pour it all over the coach. Well I lost, I got stuck with Blue, & it was freaking Orange WTF. However I did go to a fabulous super bowl party hosted by one of my newer friends Priscilla.

So Priscilla's super bowl party was at her house, she had lots of drinks, food, she was a great host. I went with my roomie & one of her bestie's. I'm not gonna lie, we were late as always... got there around half time, but we came with beer so its all good. We walked in & at first we wanted eat & have a drink before mingling. We had about 2 beers before we made our way to the living room to watch the last quarter of the game. It was really cool, because it was not our regular crowd of friends, new faces always make an interesting night. After the game, we were still drinking & they said lets play flip a cup, I think I might have been about 5 beers in at this time.

First of all I suck at flip a cup, I'm just gonna put that out there, but I got better with time. Let me explain the game for those of you who have never played. You get a bunch of your friend into 2 relay lines (For teams of course), you use the traditional plastic red cups (you know what I mean) and you fill them each about a quarter of the way up with beer (Kind of like shots of beer, but a little bit more). The first person on each team drinks the entire cup, then has to set their cup down on a table & proceed to flip it with their finger until the cup lands upside down. Now the catch is the next person can't go until you get yours in its right position. (So if you suck, you don't want to be the first or the last leg in the relay).

Like I said I was already 5 beers in & we played who knows how many rounds, it was lots of fun, I made lots of new friends (can't remember any of their names) and I was really drunk by the end of the night needless to say. I was holding some girls hand that I didn't even know (So I'm told) but I think she might have been trying to hold me from falling down the stairs....lmao. Any who I ended up leaving with someone else, we got a flat tire on the freeway, and that's not good when your drunk. Thanks goodness she wasn't, but it was freezing thank goodness for the alcohol or I would have frost bite. Got to my friends house around 2am on Monday morning, slept a few hours then home to my house. I had to go to work by 9am, and it was a horrible hung over day.

Don't drink on Sunday's if you got to be at work on Monday's. So with all this said about my great night. My roomie and I have made a pact to stop drinking beer at home until April (Which is when Dinah Shores....the ultimate Lesbo Weekend is) hope you enjoyed this dose of Vixxx, until next time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dating in the Gay Scene?

I want to talk about another great topic. DATING!!!! Everyone knows the older you get the harder dating becomes. Why, because we tend to get more picky, when we probably shouldn't. We already know what we want, & usually, not many people fit the criteria. We have a no exceptions rule, or maybe a few exceptions, but who ever measures up to that list? (You know we all have our deal breakers)! Also because we are grown up and are not into playing games. Not to mention, there is probably some younger chick or guy in line before they hit on you lol. The older we get, our personalities change, we don't want the quick fling, we want the serious settle down type right?

So dating in the gay scene, well I think its probably harder than in the straight scene. Why you might ask, because you can't always tell who is gay, especially if your out at a straight place. (Unless you have amazing gaydar, or are a dyke who screams lesbian or a dude that screams Homo.) Well obviously you can tell when your out with your gay friends at a club, but we all know how long those relationships last. Your best bet is to meet someone through your other gay friends, try the online thing, or possibly try the blind date thing. Warning!!!! (About letting Straight friends set up blind dates for you). They Always try to hook you up with the one other gay person they know, or have heard about (Which is usually never your type....lol, so be careful).

Side story: My Parents tried one time to introduce me to my uncle's girlfriends daughter (Long explanation I know). I thought to myself NO-WAY, but then was like what the hell why not, let me just meet her. She was so far from my type of girl, I should have known better, I got suckered into it. We sat around and had nothing to talk about. It was no BUENO my friends. Lesson learned. Keep an open mind but be realistic.

I'm going to speak from personal experience, like I have said before, I love femmes. However because I am one, I tend to always get stuck with dyke's. So when I'm out and about, odds are more than likely only a stud or a dyke chick will try to make a pass. When your out at the grocery store or a restaurant or something of that nature, you have to watch the double takes, or the secret winks....lmao. Its hard to meet a girl unless your super aggressive, or unless your at the right place at the right time. Then when you give into it and take a chance, this is the top 10 things you are generally dealing with.

1. They are one of your friends or worst yet have dated one of your friends. (Big no-no in my book) However its hard to avoid because are Sea is like a fish bowl....lol. Seriously a small world in the gay scene. Everyone knows everyone.
2. They are already dating someone.
3. Bi-sexual (I'm just not into that, not a negative for everyone).
4. Lame Personality - Have no swagger about them, & are super boring.
5. A TOTAL PLAYER. and have way too much swagger about them.
6. Not into relationships, only looking for hook ups.
7. Crazy, & the stalker type. (usually the clingy ones from the club...lol)
8. Not your type, but cool to talk to (I'm not really about looks, but be honest its hard to be attracted to someone your not attracted too.) I'm into features rather than looks.
9. The Cheater type, leaves wifey at home & meets sancha's at the club.
10. The extremely Jealous type that comes with way TO MUCH DRAMA.

Lets say you get past all this, and you truly do meet the person of your dreams. You still have to be able to connect with them on a physical, emotional & sexual level. We all know when the sex is great, it will keep you happy in the beginning or until you get bored of it. When your physically attracted to the person, it makes you want them more. When they are sweet and on your level emotionally you are fascinated with them. But you have to make sure the fire never burns out. There has got to be substance!

I also come from a wild younger past (so I have done my fair share of dating). Then I have done the extremely long relationship type of thing to. I'm 26 going to be 27 this year, I was already engaged & it didn't work out. So to be honest the last thing I thought I wanted was to be in love again, well not for a long time at least. But let me tell you, trying to be on the open market isn't very much fun either. First of all my love life is very complicated, I don't even want to get into it. But most people who know me personally say I'm the wifey type....lol. That's because I am surely not the quick fling type.

What's a wifey type of chick? She is the one girl who is for the most part drama free, (only acts crazy if she needs too). Good looking, maybe not the hottest, but could be if your lucky. Independent, strong willed, hopefully amazing in bed, the one you want to take home to mom & dad. The one all your friends would try to scoop up if you ever broke up (Dam Haters...lol). The triple threat, is a Good cook or house wife type, has a Great Job, and can take of herself, & a banging personality who gets along easily with your peeps. Remember looks are not always what's important, but make sure you are attracted to her, other wise she will be wifey material, but you will always be looking for another attraction on the side.

Quick fling type is a drunken hook up, someone for the right now, not forever. The one who your super attracted to sexually and all but have no interest in anything else. The one who caught your eye, but came no where close to your heart. The I'm bored after 2 months type.

Don't worry there are more fish in the sea, is what my friends have been telling me since my big break up. But the sea is swimming with lots of piranhas too. I want to meet the person who wants to be with me now, not at some point. Who knows my worth, and doesn't pass me by. The person who is on my level, or trying to get on that level. I want some one to appreciate the sweet, good hearted, generous, hard working, independent woman that I am. I'm far from perfect but I have a great head on my shoulders. I want someone to have goals & aspirations like I do. Is that too much to ask for? I don't know, I guess only time will tell.

Hope you enjoyed my latest dose of Vixxx, remember people this is just for information purposes. Just a quick look into the dating life in the gay well Lesbian scene. Good luck out there my little fish. Time is short, sink or swim baby.